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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Last Day of Summer Vacation

{Insert one. big. sigh.}
Today is the last official day of summer vacation. Of course, there's still the weekend between me and my first day back, but this is the last day that Baby B and I will spend together - just the two of us.

So, like a good mommy, we sent summer out in style. Chicken McNuggets and ketchup(!!!) for lunch, then a good romp at the city park, and then we polished it off with vanilla soft serve at DQ. It was certainly a delicious end to our extended time together, if not super hot and sweaty. Welcome back summer weather. So nice of you to show up considering it's now AUGUST, and I've all but started school and haven't been to the pool in a month.


Micky D's is a treat. I think he's had it thrice. And, yes, I compensate for greasy frenchfries and supposed all-natural white meat by choosing the Juicy Juice option. Having one person in the family addicted to Coke products is enough.

Here's a shocker: the boy child adores ketchup. I mean, I have to create a ketchup shield with the Happy Meal box so that he doesn't see me repeatedly dipping fries into it. Otherwise, I spend the entire meal plunging soggy nuggets into our shared supply, only to have him suck the ketchup off and expect me to repeat the procedure. Now, had we been at home where I have an ample stash of baby cleaning tools, I wouldn't have minded giving him his own and letting him have his way. But, not so much in McDonalds. By myself. I know what happens when a baby is left to explore ooshy gooshy foodstuffs.

So, then the park. The park where we were blissfully alone for 10 minutes before a man and his kid showed up to take away our fun. Or at least my fun. I've seen one too many Datelines to feel comfortable alone. In a park. With a man twice my size. Innocent, he may have been, but my instincts were telling me that this was not a good idea. And then there's the part of my brain that sounds distinctly like my husband telling me to quit being so naive. What can I say? I try to think the best of everyone. Regardless, we left. And it was 90 degrees anyway, so 15 minutes in the hot sun was plenty for both of us.

Last, but not least, was DQ. Solid entertainment for $1.79. Kid-sized entertainment, of course, that was shared by all. This face tells me it was a good idea that I rationed out ice cream and ketchup during our date.


Mama Suz said...

That last pic of B is precious. Someone sure did enjoy his ice cream! Good luck on Monday...I'll say a little prayer for you!

Unknown said...

ah, i love the side profile pic! those cheeks are too adorable