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Monday, October 4, 2010

About a boy.

Becks is at such an entertaining age.  He's silly and sweet and has a darling little personality.  He talks ALL. THE. TIME.  The verdict is still out on where he acquired such a gift, though I'm fairly certain his momma can take some credit there...
He spent this past weekend at my parents' house while we were at the wedding, and was able to do boy things like throw buckeyes into the creek and watch football and, according to my mom, wipe his nose on the carpet (that has to be a boy thing).  He also -verbatim - repeated what my dad hollered at the screen during the UofM game. 
With exasperation in his voice, he walked onto their screened porch and muttered, That was a bunch of crap. What am I going to do with him?!  Or my dad, for that matter?!
He loves stuffed animals and would take a fleet of them to bed every night if we would let him.  He's particularly fond of this yellow duck and an oversized Bambi that he heisted from B's parents' house.  And, for the record, he is sitting on the couch without a cushion because I spilled a cup of coffee all over it.  Yum.

He still gets a jee-bah (pacifier) during nap/bedtimes.  Is it bad that I'm in no hurry to get rid of it?  {Thoughts, Dr. B?}  I was thinking during Christmastime, so our holiday travel is out of the way and we're all a little more tolerant of the initial paci-withdrawal period.  {I would hate to take it away too early cough cough mom and dad and have to fish it out of a garbage can in the middle of the night...}

And, the silly part of Becks - while watching football this weekend, he became enamored with the helmets and found a creative substitution... 
 Much to his daddy's chagrin, he will often reply football when asked what sport he wants to play someday!  Soccer is a common response, too, but this little goofball knows how to get under B's skin :)

He's growing up much too quickly. Love him.

{Sidenote: Audrina is clearly my favorite on DWTS.  And the Situation is kind of disappointing me.  I guess fistpumping doesn't translate well to a real dancefloor...}


Jamie said...

Oh how funny what he picked up from your dad!

Hope you had a great Monday :)

Kitty and June said...

precious little boy!!! have a great week!!

Anonymous said...

Becks is so cute! They pick up language so fast, huh :) Cute! And the Situation is so strange on DWTS. He kind of makes me laugh though!

Shannon said...

Becks is not only adorable but he totally looks like he's hilarious. Speaking of the Sitch, are you all caught up on Jersey shore? His recent treatment of Angelina was cracking me up, love him!

Amber said...

I agree, this is an awesome age! My son is 28 months...not sure how old Becks is, but I love this age! I agree with you about Audrina, but I love Tony D. so much and want him to win! I like Jennifer Grey too. I never had any high expectations for the Situation and I kind of hope he leaves soon. Have a good day!