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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I Wore Wednesday

I have a very sparse WIWW this week, and I'm wearing jeans in every pic! {In my defense, we have 3 jeans days this week!}  Somedays I just didn't feel like taking a picture.  Or I forgot.  I considered scrapping it completely this week, but what-the-heck, I have nothing better to do while I await 16 and Pregnant  to come on... {Link up with The Pleated Poppy if you want to play!}

{yhcuorG Outfit}
black long sleeve tee - express circa 2005
eric carle tee - walmart
frumpy jeans - banana republic outlet

{Grey is Me Outfit}
striped sweater - plato's closet thrift
cowl neck dress - goodwill
skinnies - gap clearance center
grey slouchy boots - yardsale

{If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Belt On it Outfit}
green tunic - goodwill
belt - target
skinnies - gap clearance center
cowboy boots - goodwill

{Jeans Friday Outfit}
top - goodwill
skinnies - gap clearance center
ruffle flats - target

I'll do better next week :)


According to Ashley said...

Let me know if you notice any other cute teacher t-shirts at Wal-mart! (I bought the Dr. Seuss ones a while back, but I hardly ever go to Wal-mart - GASP - so I need your help!)

Jamie said...

Jeans for three days?! Jealous! I love that Grochy Ladybug tee...too cute!

Mrs. Southern said...

You always look so stylish! Love your great finds!

Hollie said...

i wear jeans way too often, too! what else is there?!?!!! ;-)

Ariane said...

Your outfit titles are hee-larious!

P!nky said...

Hi Abby! I just participated in my first WIWW at the pleated poppy and wanted to say you were my inspiration (in a total no creepy way). Your outfits are so stylish and you have given me the courage to try out leggings....soon.
Have a great day! :) your little son is totally precious!

Katie said...

Cute stuff!! Loving those grey slouchy boots :)

Aleshia said...

You always find the greatest deals!! Lucky you! Love the boots!