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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I am really very blah lately.  I blame it on the weather. Or work. We might as well throw the kitchen remodel in there, too.  (Just because I'm looking for a scapegoat to mask the real truth: PMS.  Hmph.)

The good news is that Spring Break is nine days away.  And I'm hoping to stage a little intervention.  It would also be helpful if God would send sunshine and 70 degree temps to the Bluegrass State, too. 

My intervention will include several trips - to the Lakehouse, to Target, to Starbucks, and to Goodwill.  Because finding a treasure while thrifting always cheers me up, preferably with a latte in hand.

My intervention will also include me and Cory the Corian.  In the same room.  Cooking together.  Working together.  Laughing about how it was all worth it in the end, and how I will never eat another boxed meal as long as we both shall live, amen.  I will swear off Healthy Choices forever, and promise to make homemade goods for life. 
She likes lattes, too.

However, that is not going to happen: a) because sometimes I'm lazy and Healthy Choices often taste pretty good (have you had the Asian Potstickers?!  YUM) and b) the Depot is taking their precious time setting up the installation process.

If the kitchen's not complete, hopefully the deck will be.  {Yup, that was a deck sketch a few posts back.}  A girl can hope, right?

Well, like I said, I'm pretty boring-ish.  So I'm off to eat my weight in ice cream :P


Amanda K. said...

Finding those little dollar wonders at Target could cure any blah mood. It's nasty here is TN too, and we're on spring break now. So maybe I need a little Target dollar spot retail.

Gladys said...

Your posts always make me smile...and you are definitely NOT boring-ish!

Mrs. O'Brien said...

You make me laugh Abby! I hope you have a lovely Spring Break full of all things that make you happy!

Little Miss Martha said...

Abby - you crack me up! I love reading your blog! I'll join you in some Starbucks and Goodwill anytime!

Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas said...

Where do you come up with your ideas?!?! I love Cory, she's as cute as can be...if you think about it, she will be able to spend her days relaxing with as many lattes as she likes...once everything is finished! You will have to name your coffee/latte maker so they can hang out together while you are at work, making the bacon! Thanks for the laugh!

Jillian said...

Love you!! I am boring lately too!

Rachelle said...

I'm so boring lately.

I actually get good laughs and entertainment from your blog! You are in no way boring.


Anonymous said...

This is random but I noticed today when I read my weekly TPT, you were listed as one of the top earners! Congratulations!

I thought that might spice up your feeling of being boring....