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Friday, December 5, 2008


First, let's take a moment to celebrate small victories - this is my 100th post. Impressive, huh, what with a job and a new baby and all?

In other news...

Christmas is twenty days away. No tree in sight and not a present bought. But, the stockings are hung from the TV stand with care.

My parents will pick out their tree tonight, erect it in the family room and wait for us K girls to come over to decorate it. Which is always a super special tradition, involving lots of debating over who made what ornament in elementary school circa 1992. (It was me, I'm sure of it.) This also always involves a heated discussion between my parents as to how the tree should be put up even though they've been putting up the tree in the same spot, the same way for, oh, 14 years? The year the tree fell over after my dad put it up was particulary funny. Especially since my mom wanted to fishing pole string it to the wall. Hilarious.

Somehow I managed to clean the house today, and I'm working on a mammouth pile of laundry that we've accumulated in like four days. I actually blame it on the boy child who destroys at least an outfit a day with his projectile pooping. I'm seriously going to have to invest in a whole new wardrobe by the time he's through this phase.

The Grinch is on right now, but B's studying so we've got the TV off and Baby B's in bed. I'm bored. I'm half tempted to go get the tree and start putting that beast together, but it's so much more fun to grumble and groan about how difficult it is with my dear husband rather than by myself.

What I should be doing is getting my lesson plans together for the following two weeks. But it's Friday. Who writes lesson plans on a Friday?

I am indulging in a glass of Reisling as we speak.

Maybe I'll enjoy my wine and lesson plan simultaneously.

Now there's a Friday night for you.

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