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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Half Year to You!

My little peanut butter was half a year old as of yesterday at 5:20pm. The day began with Baby B trying cereal for the very first time. A lovely mess of single-grain rice was left on his chubby cheekers making them even more smoochable than usual. I am just addicted to those cheeks. It's a wonder he has any left after six months of smooches. I will be sad the day they disappear :(
Baby B wasn't satisfied with cereal alone, though. Later on in the day, as I attempted to eat tortilla chips while I was feeding him (a real crumby idea, if you know what I mean), Baby B let it be known that he, too, should be allowed to munch on my snack. He was literally bending backwards over the Boppy trying to reach them.

After convincing him that actual teeth were required to eat chips, he opted for a healthier, more organic choice. Why eat tortilla chips when sweet little baby feet are equally as delicious and readily available at the stretch of leg? (Seriously, I think babies invented yoga.)

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