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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Doesn't that just figure

Dear Derek,

I have a little bone to pick with you. You said it would snow - 2-4 inches by morning. You said it would be like this - a tune so catchy that I sing it to Baby B daily. So, I stayed up late anticipating a "messy morning commute," as you put it. You spoke of your station as the #1 station for school closings. I expected for you to list my school. I looked out the window on the hour every hour over night wondering where the heck the snow was.

Well guess what? IT DIDN'T SNOW.

Until 10am. When I was already at school with 24 over-stimulated, holiday-crazed 5-year-olds. I had a conference this lab...a KTIP meeting. Do you know what a Snow Day would have meant to me today? I stayed up late, Derek, too late for someone that teaches kindergarteners at 8:15am.

And then they decided to do an early dismissal for our county, 2 hours early. Well, wouldn't that just be peachy if it meant that I'd get out two hours early? Oh no, Derek, I stayed TWO HOURS LATER.

They held the morning kindergarteners to dismiss with the rest of the school at 1:45pm. Fantastic.

Do you know what happens to a woman who is two hours late to nurse her starving child, Derek, besides her chest ballooning to the size of two healthy canteloupes? SHE LOSES ALL RESPECT FOR HER ONCE EVER-SO-CHARMING WEATHERMAN. That's what happens, Derek.

Derek + Abby = Heartbreak.

- Abby

PS. Your only redeeming qualitity is your ability to predict ice tomorrow morning. If I get off tomorrow, I might reconsider.


Unknown said...

I love love your Christmas card. So does Kelsey, she carries it around the house. The picture below with Beckham gazing up at you (or the camera) is so sweet too.

Shannon Christine said...

That was great!!! I was also anticipating 5-8 inches and we got 2 and 8 inches of rain:(