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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Christmas Eve!

Is it possible to subsist on Diet Coke alone?

That is the question I ponder this morning as I look at our empty fridge. This week has just not been conducive to a trip to grocery store. I've been too busy last minute shopping and getting stuck in two hours of traffic with a baby in the backseat to place importance on such things as food.

I've had the best intentions, really, I have. However, I had a birthday dinner both Sunday and Monday night and then left-overs last night. Then, Christmas Dinner with the K's today and Christmas Dinner with the M's tomorrow. Why buy when you can mooch?

So, Diet Coke it is, along with an almost empty bag of Fritos. Oh, and a couple of Christmas cookies from the First Annual K Girl Christmas Cookie Decorating Get-Together. Now, that is healthy.

I guess I will talk about the First Annual K Girl Christmas Cookie Decorating Get-Together (which will be known as FAKGCCDGT from this point forward). I had Chels, Soph, and Aubz over on Monday, and we slice-n-baked our way to a sugar high. After creating two-dozen or so cookies, the question remained: what will we do with these? Too embarrassed to take them to my mom's (the cookie/cake baker connoisseur for those of you who don't know her), we chose to let them sit on my counter for the past 48 hours so that I B and I can consume an inordinate amount of Christmas calories before the 25th. And so that we will have something to eat while the cupboard is bare. I look forward to future AKGCCDGT's in the future. A good time was had by all.

Today we are off to the K's to celebrate at 4pm - complete with dinner, Christmas eve service, and gift exchanging. My dad will read the story from the Bible to the grandkids, along with 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (just as he's done for the past 20 or so years), and my sisters and I will mouth the words as he reads. He usually becomes annoyed and threatens to quit reading and send us all to bed (this is a solid K tradition). Too bad we're all 20+ now and he can't get away with this. We'll have to pass our mimickry along to Soph, Baby B, and Sutton so that they can drive him crazy in a few years.

Tonight, we will head over to the the M's where will we stay the night so that we can wake up on Christmas morning to sausage balls (an M family tradition) and breakfast casserole. Mmmm.

I'll be on a blog hiatus for the next 48 hours as we celebrate with family, but I have a premade-post ready to pop up tomorrow - so check back to see Baby B in his Christmas finest!

Merry, merry!

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