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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

We Love Us Some Softies!

If you've been a reader for awhile, then you know that Baby B looooooves him some softies. Not familiar with a softie, well, then read about it here, here, here, and here.

If you don't want to read, then shame on you. Just kidding. A softie is a burpcloth. That's it. A fancy name for a spit-up catcher. A snuggly little soft thing that Baby B adoooooores. The term softie was coined by my little sister, Aubrea, who is now 20-years-old and still has a soft spot for her very own softie.

So, today's Giveaway, going along with the theme of our favorite things is:

...da da da...

Sunday Afternoon Softie

Say That You Love Me Softie

Pixi Stix Softie
And you get to choose your favorite. And to make it even better: I MADE THEM! *gasp* I know, it's not like I'm busy being a mom and a kindergarten teacher or anything. OF COURSE I HAVE TIME TO SEW! It's the perfect excuse for putting off lesson planning.

Here's the thing, though. I am a novice sewer at best. I really did try my hardest on these. But seams are a little, ahem, crooked and uneven. And there may be an unfinished edge here or there. But that doesn't make them any less love-worthy. So, for something that's going to be used to wipe up bodily fluids from your darling dearest, I really don't think it matters that much. If it matters to you that I can't guarantee the quality or construction, then don't participate, right? I, personally, think that that patterns are great! I had so much fun choosing them. This probably makes me a big nerd, but whatever.

Iyou do want a softie for your very own, then leave me a comment telling me which softie you want AND if you had a blankie/lovie/stuffed animal when you were little. I named them, so you can tell me which one you want.

Don't be shy! Please participate! I love meeting new bloggy friends :)

As with the previous Giveaway (which you can still participate in if you want), winners will be randomly chosen on Saturday, February 28th and announced then.


Nat said...

You are too cute and so is Baby B!! Do you mind if I put a link to you giveaways on my blog?? I think so of my followers would love them! Let me know!

Sugar and Spice said...

I love the pixi stix softie. I had a blanket when I was little that I called MINEY. It was blue and pink and was crocheted by a lady in our church. I was like Lynell from Charlie Brown dragging that thing around my house. I also had a pillow with Holly Hobby on the front and I called it People Pillow.

Anonymous said...

I'm always up for a good softie..


Isn't there light a law about this?!

The Ossege Family said...

Sewing IS cool!!! I love how creative you can be and of course who doesn't love all the gorgeous fabrics to choose from! I wouldn't give up my sewing machine for anything. Those are the cutest softies!!!

Olde Town Style Guide said...

Hi there! I just found your blog after someone posted a title that said "Attention all new mommas!"....I just had to come over and visit!

I adore your "Say that you love me" softie - but they are all beautiful. Kudos to you for finding the time to make them!

When we were little we had "silkies" and that is what we called them. They were old parts of my Mom's slips that she would cut and give to us. They had her smell on them and they were so soft and warm!

Lea Liz said...

I love the sunday afternoon softie, adorable and of course you an always use plenty of burpcloths!!!! When I was little I had a foavroite bunny blanket that my grandmother had made for me!!

Amber said...

I love the Sunday afternoon softie! I had a stuffed cat that my grandmother made me, that I think I slept with until i left for college! (no joke!) Now that I have a baby, I love seeing him fall in love with toys/blankets.

Amber said...

P.s. Several posts down, Baby B is hanging out by a huge alligator...where did you get it? I went to UF and I would kill to get my little guy an Alli just like it!

Amber said...

P.s. Several posts down, Baby B is hanging out by a huge alligator...where did you get it? I went to UF and I would kill to get my little guy an Alli just like it!

hppy2be1 said...

I love the "Say that you love me Softie". Growing up as a kid, I had a blow, blow. The name is embarassing now, but I wouldn't go to sleep without mine.

We are expecting our first child in July, and it is a little girl. I think she would love a softie.


Kelly Taylor said...

Hi, I'm a newbie to your blog but I must say I've enjoyed what I've read thus far!
I was never really attached to a softie or stuffed animal that I HAD to have all the time. However, according to my mom, I had a great love for books at a very early age. Mom says she would come into my room to check on me before going to bed herself and have to get all the books out that I had snuck under my pillow and covers. I just think that's too funny! I still love reading and am so grateful for all those times she took the time to sit and read to/with me.
The Sunday Afternoon Softie is my favorite pattern and if I'm chosen I would love to have one.

Morgan said...

I love the Sunday Afternoon softie! And yes, I had a blankie when I was growing's so hard to give up those things! Haha. Anyway, I'd love a softie for my 3 month old!

Rob and Amy said...

Ahhhhhh!!!!! I love them all!!!! My favorite might be Pixi Stix!! I love the colors, and love even more that you made these yourself!!! Look at you!!!

When I was little I did have a blanket that I wagged around forever. I took it to a hotel with me when I was about 12 (simply b/c I took it with us when we went out of town) and left it on the bed one day. We came back and it was gone. We think the maids mistook it for a towel or gathered it up in the sheets because it was a white blanket. We had them search the entire hotel, and it was nowhere to be found :( Oh I was so heartbroken. Still am when I think about it!

Sallie said...

Hi Abby! Although I don't have a sweet baby yet- I loved, loved the Sunday Afternoon Softie! So should sell these :-) I had a pillow that had a cat print (like it looked like a cat, but was just a print) that I named Ralph. I got him when I was 9 from my elderly neighbor. My husband can atest that I still sleep with this animal today- even with his ear chewed off! I love that thing...and your blog!

The Pettijohn's said...

How do you find the time to make these cuties?!?! You must be super-mama :)

and CREATIVE too!!

Sunday Afternoon is my favorite! You should open an Etsy shop!

I would def shop with you!!

No softie for me :( but a big fluffy bear, later named "Flower"...clearly you can see I'm not of the imaginative/creative type!

Super Single Mom said...

I <3 the say that you love me
super cute

I never had a lovie or a softie as a child.

my 4 year old is attached to a wonderful knit blanket that my coworker made him
"the joan blanket" has sure seen better days

have a wonderful night

Ben and Bethany said...

I'm going with the last one, pixi stix - so bright and colorful!

I actually had a gerber baby doll when i was little, "baby jane" seriously, not just jane. :)

Sarah said...

I love the Sunday Afternoon Sooftie. I had a baby that I carried around everywhere. My mom still has it.

Buki Family said...

sunday afternoon... are those taggies on it? im sure little fingers would love to play with those! looks like you did a good job sewing from here!
i had a blankie growing up that my grandma made me...i still have it. :)