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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Almost Wednesday...

Tomorrow in kindergarten we are making dinosaurs. So, being the awesome kindergarten teacher that I am, I made homemade playdough so that we can mold and shape our way into prehistoric bliss. It's even Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade flavored, though I hope none of my little darlings choose to eat this pasty concoction. I'm sure someone will sneak a taste, and he/she will inevitably be tattled on. That's how things work when you're five. I don't need to have eyes in the back of my head (though I do) because I have 25 pairs of them to help me discover any wrongdoing committed in the 180 minutes we spend together daily.

So, anyway, I made playdough tonight and spent $5.99 on some spice called alum that I didn't even use. It would only figure that I would find recipes that didn't call for it after I had already bought it. Sigh.

Since I had boiled water in the kettle for the playdough, I went ahead and boiled extra so that I could make a delicious, springy beverage that I haven't made in years. Okay, I've never made it. My mom always made it when I lived at home and she always vowed each pitcher was the last she was making since my sisters and I always drank it up, but never made new to replace it. Ah, how I love me some sweet tea. It goes nicely with our 70 degree weather that I am totally digging. However, my pale legs and arms are not. Maybe spring break will lend itself to laying out while Baby B naps??? Doubtful, but I can wish.

Oh, and here's Baby B in his most serious state
And here's Baby B modeling a darling sweater that his Great Aunt Lynn made him. How cute is that?! Baby B thinks it tastes great too - which is mainly how he chooses his outfits these days. Supposedly knit star sweaters are super delicious :) Thanks, Aunt Lynn!


Jess Kiley said...

Ahh, sweet tea and playdough, I'm movin' to California!

Joy said...

Thought I'd share an odd bit of info for you since it's after midnight and this is all I can find in my brain right now.

Alum can be used to kill snails off live plants that someone might be putting in their fish tanks. If you can't figure out something to do with it or can't take it back to the store, find someone with a fish tank that either has a snail problem or wants to avoid one. Tell them to soak their plants for 24 hours in a bucket and you will sound wise in all things, including fish.

Oh, I just had another thought. I'd really love to dig my hands into that big bowl of playdough and just squish it!

Kelly Taylor said...

I can't believe sweet tea isn't a staple in your home...seems unreal. I make a gallon almost every other day! I think my husband loves sweet tea more than he loves me!
Cute pics of Baby B. I love the serious face...too funny.
Your students will have a ball with that play-doh. Dinosaurs are so fun. I have my 5th graders doing research on dinosaurs right now and they are LOVING it!

Nat said...

That serious face is sooo cute!!