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Monday, March 30, 2009

Please Pray

I have been following MckMama recently - a faith-driven woman and an excellent photographer with the creativity to nickname her kiddos Big Mac, MckNugget, and Small Fry. Her infant son, Stellan, (aka MckMuffin) has been hospitalized with heart irregularities. Wrap her family up in bloggy love and say a prayer for this sweet boy. You can leave her a personal message in the comment section of her posts at My Charming Kids.

Prayers for Stellan


Joy said...

I've been following his story everyday. I check in all the time to see if there's an update. I keep thinking, I just don't think I could be as strong as his mother is. She's amazing!

Tasha said...

I have also been following her story. She is an amazing woman and her family are in my prayers. Her story has affected me like no other story has ever before. She is so strong and I hope Baby Stellan gets better soon.

Rob and Amy said...

I love Jennifer's blog. I have followed her for about a year now, and she inspires me daily. Her posts make me laugh, cry, think, encourage and sometimes bring me to my knees. She and I email back and forth regularly- and I pray that things turn around for little Stellan soon :)