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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Random Conversation with my husband:

B: I read all about stingrays today.

A: I knew you would. (typing)

B: Wouldn't a fishtank look so cool in the spare bedroom?

A: No.

B: Why?

A: They're disgusting and dirty.

B: But stingrays have personality.

A: We are not getting a stingray. Remember Steve Irwin?

B: It will be this big. (Imagine a hand motion similiar to the 5 Dollar Footlong commercial.)

B: It does have a venomous barb.

A: Again, we are not getting a stingray.

This conversation comes after we stopped at a pet store during our trip up to Michigan. And, yes, the pet store had a smallish stingray. And, no, no amount of convincing will get me to okay this purchase.

And the only reason we stopped at a pet store on our trip up and back from Michigan is because I found the perfect place to nurse in the car in the parking lot at a Panera Bread that happened to be next to a pet store. The things we do for our sweet preciouses.

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