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Saturday, March 28, 2009

A super Saturday :)

First, some pictures of Sweet Precious to warm your heart...
In this pic, Baby B has a paci in his mouth from when he was a newborn. It is far too small and his ample cheeks really emphasize how small the paci is.
The goose is wearing my head warmer here. Stunning.

Baby B: Mom, can I not eat my Cheerios without you snapping pictures?
Me: The day you stop being adorable, I will stop snapping pictures. So, pretty much, no.
Baby B catching a ride on his newest toy - a gift from Gramma and Grampa Saint.

I just told him a really funny joke about a guy walking into a bar. He's also modeling his newest bib from his Great Aunt Ann and Great Uncle Chris. Go, Wings!

It's been a rough morning at the Babbling Household. Baby B has a nasty, stuffy cold that even the best snot-sucker cannot combat. We have to restrain him in order to rid his teeny nose of all that icky gunk. He was up at 2:40am and 4:00am, and I eventually just brought him to bed with us so that everyone could get some sleep. Despite his midnight wakings, he still sat up and was ready to play at 7am, crusty nose and all.

But, on the up side, I am on Spring Break, so what better time to be sick than when your mamma can stay home all week and snuggle on you?

We're in for a nice, relaxing weekend at home. We spent every weekend in March thus far travelling somewhere, and we desperately needed to just stay - even if it meant making our own coffee. So, with Baby B down for a nap, Big B paging through the latest IKEA catalogue, and me writing about the mundane, we're pretty content to stay in our pjs until noon and watch Saturday morning cartoons on our cable-less TV.


I don't know if it's the Spring Fever I'm catching or the fact that we're going to have real, live houseguests in May for the VERY FIRST TIME since we've owned our home, but I'm just itching to decorate and renovate. If you've been a reader for awhile, then you know I catch this bug like once every couple of months and then change my mind when I come to terms with the fact that stuff costs money and money is certainly not springing up on the trees in our front yard this year. Only cherry buds. Darn.

One of my nearest and dearest is getting married on May 30th, so another nearest and dearest and her husband are going to be staying the whole weekend with us. This means they're going to need a place to sleep, unless they want to put to use the pair of sleeping bags that we got from our wedding. So, the plan to convert Baby B's "playroom" (formerly our bedroom) into a guestroom/study. Where we're going to relocate the changing table, toy organizer, and chest of drawers to is the problem. The basement is clearly not an option since it contains heaps upon heaps of junk that we've accumulated in our almost three years of marriage.

I've had my eye out for wicker baskets that can easily be stored in our TV stand and under our coffee table, but I will not pay the $15 that Target demands for such storage. Actually, I picked up four yesterday when Baby B and I went to Target, along with four summer outfits for him, and put everything back except for two $1 sippy cups. $60 worth of baskets just seemed a little pricy. If space is limited in your home, what do you do with excess toys?

Well, I better hop in the shower before my sick puppy wakes up. Have a super Saturday!


The Ossege Family said...

Go to Micheal's Craft store to buy them and don't forget to use the 40% off coupon in their ad in the paper. You can buy one each week, b/c they put a coupon in the ad each week. Or if your family is nice they will give you their coupons and then you and B can go and buy more than one for 40% off (purchased seperatly of course). It is the only way I will buy baskets. You can also try hobby lobby, they usually have their coupon online to print.

Lea Liz said...

He is just so adorable!!!!!!!!!!! I hope he is feeling better!! Enjoy your spring break girl!