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Thursday, March 26, 2009


The Boo Bear has suddenly become crazy silly in the past two weeks. We laugh at him and he laughs back which becomes a vicious cycle at bedtime, prolonging the time it takes to put this child down for the night. What used to be 10 minutes is now 20 as we marvel at his ability to spring a foot in the air off of his crib mattress. It really is impressive. And funny.

He can also clap. Again, resulting in fits of giggles all around. He claps. Stops. Waits for us to clap. And then claps again. B and I could do this with him for an hour. Baby B think he's a pretty good clapper, and we agree. Probably the best clapper (and cutest) I've ever seen.
And, believe it or not, he's not so much a softie lover anymore. He's moved on to a blanket with a bunny head attached (Bunny Bear), and a blanket with a giraffe head attached (G). The giraffe has this fuzzy tail that he likes to chew on. He holds onto this tail while nursing, painting my face with his slobber - blech. Sometimes he'll try to chew on the tail and nurse at the same time. With his eyes closed.

He also says mama and dada repetively. However, he says dada in a singsong voice, chanting it happily as he eats Cheerios or plays with his toys on the floor. While mama is usually said in a fit of rage, while he's arching his back awaiting a nap. Figures, huh?

Then there's his sleeping habits, er, positions. Baby B sleeps sitting up. No lie. This kid resembles a wilted flower when I go up to check on him, folded in half at the waist with his head resting on Bunny Bear and G. What's up with that? I don't know, but it really amps up his cuteness factor.
Photographic proof that Sweet Precious is a strange sleeper:

Baby B will be Nine Months Old as of tomorrow at 5:30pm. I am going to deny that he is going to be a year old in three months, that I will not have a toddler by the end of summer, and that a year from now he will be less into clapping and crib jumping and more into Sesame Street and kicking a soccer ball with his daddy.


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Joy said...

My daughter does that too. We have a video monitor on her crib. One my hubby set up with security cameras so it's in HD and in color if you can imagine. She spends hours staring at the lights on it as it sits on its tripod at the end of her crib. But it makes for some interesting viewing on our parts. What our daughter does is in the middle of the night is: she will wake up, sit up and start playing with her crib toys. But then she gets drowsy again and will just plop over. Its like she sits up to try to fight going back to sleep but.....she......just.....can't.....keep....eyes...opennnnn. Plop.