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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another tissue, please.

I. Can't. Breathe.

If I wasn't wiping my own nose today, then I was wiping Baby B's. Which is a lot more difficult since you would think I was coming after him with a scary witch face rather than a nice, warm washcloth. Lots of crying and grimacing and hand swatting goes on during this process. Maybe I should rename this week Snot Break instead of Spring Break. You think?
Anyway, it is beautiful outside today. And Baby B is still napping. He always naps longest when I have plans that depend on him waking up. I shouldn't complain. If sleeping is the cure for this nasty cold, then I'm all about sleeping.

Baby B's doctor's appointment yesterday confirmed what we already knew: he's perfect. Twenty-two pounds and eleven ounces worth of perfect. Twenty-nine-and-a-half inches worth of perfect. Prince Charming even performed for the doctor, crawling and clapping his way into her heart. He did have to get a toe-prick and one shot, but it wasn't so bad.
I can't believe it's already Wednesday. That means that nine weeks from today Summer Vacation will begin. Wahoo! On the other hand, I only have five days left until I have to go back to school. Bleh.

I really do love my job. I just love staying at home and playing with Baby B more. I love that we get to snuggle more in the morning instead of rushing to get in the car. I love that I get to feed him breakfast and put him down for his nap. I love that my house has been clean since last Thursday and that the laundry is caught up and that I have made homemade dinners every night this week.

I also love that I can stay up until 1am catching up on the last season of The Hills and not have to educate the youth of America the next morning. It's the life, I tell ya. It really is.

Oh yeah, guess what I bought Baby B yesterday? Baby Legs. And they are precious. And his chubby little legs are precious when he wears them. They make diaper changing so much easier since Baby B has recently taken to protesting any and everything associated with this task. Life would be good if I could change him while he stood up and bounced, but that's not going to happen.
I bought them at this cute kids boutique in town and they were only $13. Which might be expensive if you consider that they're really only knee socks without feet. But, they're so cute and perfect for him since he can crawl for real now - up on his knees - rather than army scoot. I think I might order some more online.

He has that disgusted look on his face because he probably ate a piece of carpet or a bug or something - not because he thinks Baby Legs are strangely similar to the legwarmers that were popular in the 80s. Swear.


Joy said...

Aww, very cute. But what's wrong with the 80's leg warmers? I have a great picture where I put pink ones on my daughter and they started bunching up on down on the calves. All she was missing was a headband and some bangles. Hmmm, maybe for Halloween... Cuz you know this will be the only year we get to choose for them what they will wear. After that it could be....yack! Sputter! UGG! Spider man or fairy princesses.

Rob and Amy said...

Abby- Target has Baby Legs for $9.99. You can find them on the aisles over with the infant/newborn over by bottles and pacifiers and the like- the section of Target where you do your registering! Might be able to hold you over until you place an order!

The Pettijohn's said...

I ordered some too for Baby Hudson!! I think they're the cutest things in the world!!

Aubrea Knight said...

I prefer to call them "MAN-ty-hose".

Jessica said...

they're so cute, but they cover up chubby baby knees, which are one of my more favorite things in this world :)

The White Family said...

I like Aubs comment, the "MAN-ty-hose" I love the baby legs! We keep them at daycare for Paise. It keeps those little knees from getting yucky rug burns! BTW Paisley can't wait to give Baby B kisses!!! She's been practicing on everyone and once she starts she can't seem to stop!!!

Nat said...

I did an observation at a daycare for my child development class and I saw Baby B's twin! He looked just like him I had to do a double take at first!

I hope you guys get better so you can enjoy some of your spring break!