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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Partially hydrogenated what?!

So, Baby B is getting older. This is nothing new. It seems to happen to every baby, and I can do nothing to stop him from crawling or walking or talking or riding a bike. He is going to accomplish all of this someday, breaking his momma's heart as he makes each new milestone.

Let me just tell you I had *tears* in my eyes today when I picked up his monogrammed Easter outfit. It was just so moving (for some reason) to see his initials on that blue-and-white-checkered jumper. I can't really explain it, but it was like symbolic or something.

Anyway, getting to the point, Baby B is eating people food now. Not just mushy, gushy baby food, but the Good Stuff - like bananas, and cheese, and yogurt, etc. I bought these El Cheapo cheese slices from the grocery store - we're talking cheaper than even the generic brand. They're like name brand-less completely, and really orange. No, I mean really orange. Like sickeningly, florescent orange. So, before letting Baby B try some, I thought I would try a slice today melted on some crackers.

Oh, you all. I think they are toxic. You should smell the melted cheese - it's totally chemical. I tried one bite and decided that was enough. I pitched the whole package. But not before examining the ingredients to confirm that what I was smelling was, in fact, chemicals.

I was right. Here are some of the ingredients: sodium aluminum phosphate, sorbic acid (a preservative!) and annatto and b-apo-8'-carotenal (FOR COLOR!). I am sick. Seriously sick at my stomach and inwardly chastising myself for even thinking that I would feed this to my child. I mean, aluminum is used to make CANS you all.

Well, ya know, I guess you get what you pay for. Touche.

So, here's my thing. I'm not much of a label reader. I'm more of a this-tastes-good-I'll-eat-it kind of person. I know, this isn't the healthiest or most nutritious way to select food, but I don't understand all the nutrition info anyway.

HOWEVER - and this is a big, mammoth, obese HOWEVER when it comes to Baby B, I feel very differently. Like, oh no you won't have anything that contains partially hydrogenated ANYTHING in it and don't for a second think that you will snack on anything that contains preservatives. Preservatives just makes me think of formaldehyde and we all know what they use that for, right?
Teaching kindergarten and generally being in education and around kids constantly, I truly wonder about the link between all the crazy additives and preservatives found in the junk that children nosh daily and the problematic behaviors I see in the classroom.
Hellllooooo, ADHD.

So, what's a mom to do? Do I start buying all fresh and organic? Do I start reading labels? What?
Tell me, Internet. WHAT DO I DO????

Now, I have no research to back this up and don't want to start Babbling Abby drama, but what are your thoughts? Do you closely monitor what your kids put into their mouths? Are you food conscious? Should I be more so?

And here is Baby B squishing, er, eating a delicious and fresh banana. How I love to clean him up after he eats one of these. Squish, squoosh, squishity squash!


Lea Liz said...

I cannot believe that!! How awful, good thing you tried it first!!
I never read labels maybe I need to start!!

The Pettijohn's said...

I'm frightened of how to feed Baby Hudson!! My husband doesn't believe me, but I'm thinking of buying a baby food processor and {gasp} making my own baby food! I would love also to stick to organic products for H, but that can get $$$$...alas, we'll see how I really end up but I share your fear of chemicals in their sweet food :( Keep us posted...

Mommy Webb said...

I need your advice on how to clean the mushed food off of the highchair straps. Walker's are a mess!

And I can completely relate on the food, although I have not ventured beyond the Stage I foods just yet. Prob about that time...

The Ossege Family said...

Relax. Breathe. OK! You don't need to swing 180 and only feed Beckham organic, salt-free, fat-free, etc... food. You just need to use the common sense I know you already have. You are a smart girl/mom!

Start w/ fresh veggies & fruit, add in a little of that yummy breakfast/lunch/dinner you and B are eating and give him good snacks (mini marshmallows, baby gold fish, cheese slices, tiny pieces of lunch meat) and buy the store brand (it's still cheap, but made from the real stuff).

We all panic with our first child, you are not alone :) But, this does make for a funny story to tell Beck when he is older :)

Nat said...

Over the past 2 years I've become kinda crazy food conscious about what me and K eat. After reading Skinny Bitch I totally gave up red meat and I try not to eat processed meals, but it's so hard to buy fresh b/c it's soo expensive! So I buy everything frozen, frozen veggies, breads, chicken, etc and I buy generic. Also do you have a Trader Joe's near you, it's like a cheap version of Whole Foods!

Jessica said...

just make sure he gets a balanced meal. honestly, you feel bad, but we all grew up drinking sugar water and eating french fries (well, at least i did) and i'm not dead, so...

Anonymous said...

A few days late, but...

I made Baby Faith's food (and still do). It is super simple and I really enjoy it. My mom bought me a Beaba baby food maker from Williams Sonoma, which steams and purees all in one. Very little mess and only 2 things to wash. Having had cancer, I am a bit of a freak about what my family eats. It's hard to stick to your guns, especially when a lot of people think you're crazy for doing it, but for me, it's worth it.