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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sunny day love

Do you ever stop with the camera, seriously?!

Hello, my dear Bloggettes. It's Thursday night here in the Babbling Household, and guess what? I'm on the mend. Enough so that we're *painting* the future guest room/office. And I can't hardly stand it it looks so stunning. Who knew that coating our walls in Behr's Silver Setting would magically cure me of my spring cold-induced coma. Sigh. I would've preferred feeling better on, say, Monday rather than Thursday at 11pm, though. Whatever. I can almost smell summer (through the fresh paint smell) and my health and mood are coming around. What more can I ask for?

Hopefully, this room will be complete by Sunday so that I can post some lovely pictures that I'm sure you're dying to see. I think you might be impressed. Especially since one of our new pieces of furniture is a garbage-salvaged curbside treasure that I want to brag and brag and brag about. How I love a good, thrifty, FREE find. Those are the best. Even if it means picking through someone's discarded items in, oh, broad daylight. Ain't no shame in my game, sisters, ain't no shame.

Baby B is feeling better also. We took him outside to play in the grass today, and he was a little skeptical, hence the many strange faces he made as I snapped his picture.

Aren't those baby overalls just to DIE FOR? In my opinion, nothing screams little boy more than a trusty old pair of overalls. Baby B owns three pairs for summer, and I just can't wait til they're covered in mud and dirt, with slugs and frogs wriggling in the pockets. Bring on the little boy.

Time out. I always catch myself doing this. I can wait. I can. I take it back. I will miss the baby in Baby B when he's more interested in jumping from the couch, swashbuckling imaginary pirates than sitting in my lap listening to The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We better stop talking about this or might start to cry. I did have a glass of wine while we were painting tonight, so I'm already feeling a little vulnerable. (P.S. It was REALLY cheap wine from CVS that didn't even earn me any ECBs. Seriously, it was $3.33. If my Gramma K or Aunt Ann are reading this, then they are sorely dissapointed in my selection...) And, yes, I said one glass of wine. I'm a lightweight.

And, lastly, B wanted me to tell you our, er, his April Fools Joke for the neighbors. We forked them. If you're unfamiliar with forking, this is wear you take lots of forks and stick them into the ground in someone's front yard. He even woke up early to watch them discover the forks before they went to work. He's such a nerd. We make such a good pair. Love him.


Joy said...

I'm glad to see that some babies will sit in the grass with their feet touching the offensive blades. My daughter loves to hang out side with us as Daddy throws the frisbee to the dogs. But she'd rather stick to the drive way. The minute we stick her in the grass she will do everything possible to sit with her feet and legs up in the air so they don't touch the grass. She also gets little Miss Priss hands. All curled up at the wrists like "ewwww" that's grass and it dirty. She's quite a site to behold as she balances on her butt only letting her heel touch down now and then.

Jessica said...

Picture #1: No papparazzi, please.

trust me girl, i grew up with two younger brothers and a truckload of cousins - you CAN wait for little boys with worms and frogs in their pockets. Calvin & Hobbes, anyone?

Rob and Amy said...

Real quick before I have to run to work....We LOVE Q'doba. Even more than Chipotle *GASP* it love it. We would have headed there, but there wasn't one near where we were ;)

Now off to work and then coming back to read today's post on your blog!

The Pettijohn's said...

Overalls are the PERFECT boy clothing!! So very boy :)

The forking, awesome...

and pics of Baby B in the grass, even more awesome...!

Amber said...

Abby, I left you an award at my blog if you want to claim it. :) I've enjoyed reading your blog so much. I came over from Newlywed Stilletos. Oh, and I LOVE overalls on boys! Avery has a pair right now with green trim from Osh Kosh and I love them.

Nat said...

I think he gets cuter everyday!!

Holly said...

Those photos are so cute! I love the little overalls too! :D