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Friday, April 17, 2009

Maybe I'm just weird???

A pic from Easter of Aubs, SophDogg, and Baby B

A List of Rules that I Obey on a Regular Basis

1) If the temperature outside is above 65 degrees, the heat must be turned off and the windows must be opened.

2) I never buy diapers without a coupon.

3) Shoe heels must not make me taller than my husband when worn.

4) Diet Coke should be substituted with coffee on weekend mornings.

5) Baby B has to wear his Robeez when we go anywhere in public.

6) Dishes are rarely, if ever, pre-washed before put in the dishwasher.

7) I must kiss Baby B any time the thought crosses my mind.

8) I cannot blog when Baby B is awake.

9) Our iPod is on and the TV is off during the day.

10) Gas may not be pumped into my car until the gauge reads empty. (I seriously need to break this rule or I'm going to end up stranded on the side of the road someday.)

11) Rules regarding writing utensils: must fit my grasp properly; ink should be appropriate color and thickness; tip should be correct size and shape. I'm not even kidding. This applies to signing checks, writing thank-yous, and making me weekly grocery list - in addition to many other writing activities.

12) Sundays are not days for lesson planning.

13) Fresh flowers are the best flowers. If I go with fake in my house, they at least have to look really real.

14) Always speak in truth and love to my husband. I am working on this rule. Daily.

15) Baby B never wears the same PJs two days in a row. He must wear clean jammies every night.

16) If I haven't talked to my family sometime during the day and I hear sirens going by, I have to call them. I swear. I do this all the time. Just to make sure they're okay. Maybe a little OCD.

17) Tuesday afternoons should include a viewing of The Hills or The City. Whichever one is currently in season.

18) I must visit the library at least once a week to return or pick up books for my classroom. Otherwise they never get returned, or I feel like a bad teacher for leaving the same reading material out for more than five days.

19) Comfy, cute, classic shoes should be bought in duplicate. Otherwise you wear a pair out in a year and they no longer make the style and fit you've fallen in love with.

20) If Leland is barking, I have to a) get her in the house b) yell at her to zip it or c) throw water on her. I can't STAND barking dogs. Probably one of my biggest pet peeves. That and wire hangers that get tangled together.

21) If I ever see kids having a lemonade stand, I HAVE HAVE HAVE to stop and buy a glass. And I usually overpay. Because I remember being an entreprenurial 10-year-old, selling kool-aid at the end of my parents' driveway, and watching car after car after car pass us by. Come on now, a quarter goes a long way to encourage a child. Everyone should obey this rule starting today.

Do you have any rules/idiosyncrasies that you follow religiously? If so, do share and make me feel not so weird :)


Anonymous said...

Is that your little sister? She is soooo cute! What a photogenic young lady and a precious picture!!!

Shubie said...

Gosh I can think of a ton...but how about-

*I never get an oil change in my car unless it's at least a "couple" thousand miles over the "suggested" time/mileage to get another one.

*Since being pregnant-I MUST take my wedding rings off every night before I go to bed. I fear the morning when I go to put them back on and they don't go...yikes.

*I also follow the following babbling rules: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17 & 21. (I'm a big time sucker for the lemonade stands as well.)

michelle said...

I definitely am with you on the writing utensil rules. Not only do the utensils have to be the perfect tip, there needs to be at least 3 sheets of paper to write on. It used to seriously anger me when teachers would only let you take out ONE piece of paper to write on. It just doesn't look as good. Do you know what I mean? THAT is weird. =)

Nat said...

OK here are my weird things:
I only write with Pentel RSVP pens with a fine point tip in black ink- as Michelle said I also need at least 3 sheets of paper to write on or my handwriting is sloppy.

I NEVER fill my car up until it's on empty- it's a rule. I have actually run out of gas before and that still haven't change my ways!

I only hang my clothes on plastic or wooden hangers. I will take them off the wire hangers from the dry cleaners and hang them on another hanger! I HATE wire hangers.

I could probably go on for hours about little quirks of mine!

Anonymous said...

1) I can't go to bed until my nightstand is in and books stacked up just right, glasses on top, glass of water in its place, and baby monitor turned ALL the way UP!

2) As a teacher, I use my reading table as my desk. It has to be 100% clear and free of clutter, with teachers manuals and folders in the appropriate basket before I can get anything accomplished.

and although I could go on and on the last one is like your #15, which I totally do, but also

3)when it comes to towels after Baby Faith's bath, I have to use a new one every time!