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Monday, April 13, 2009

Totally and completely random.

What is about 3pm that makes me so tired? Baby B is sleeping, so maybe it's the annoying quiet. Or that I'm cold and would much rather be under a blanket right now. The dreary weather, perhaps? I don't know, but by the time 3pm rolls around I JUST WANT TO NAP. The unfortunate thing is that I'm, ahem, an adult. And I have responsibilities like paying bills and dusting and the laundry to do.
I already paid the bills.
I checked for dust and the verdict is that I do not need to dust today.
Which leaves the laundry monster in the basement. Ugh.
If I could pay someone to do anything for me, it would be the laundry. No short order cook, no maid, just someone to do the laundry. And put it away.
I used to think that the cureall for tiredness was a Diet Coke, but I'm pretty much immune now and just crave its thirst-ending taste. So, I guess laundry it is. Nothing like a big old pile of dirty clothes to get the blood going.
Speaking of dirty, Baby B's giraffe lovey - whom we refer to as "G" - is getting stinky. This, according to my mom and sister, who can barely stand to be around G due to his stinky tail. The tail is stinky because Baby B eats it like an ice cream cone before he falls asleep. I can't smell it. But, they insist, that it is a horrid, stinky smell and that G needs to be washed ASAP.

Stinky G and Baby B - what a pair.
And then there's me and the laundry monster. Who I imagine might look something like Marjory, the trash heap, from Fraggle Rock.
In other news, the camera needs to be charged so I cannot download more cute pics of Sweet Precious from this past weekend. The pics from yesterday's post were stolen from my mom's Shutterfly account. I think I took 100 pictures of him sitting in that grass. He was far more interested in the Easter egg hunt going on in the neighbor's yard than posing for the Abbaratzi, though.
I hear Baby B jumping upstairs in his pack-n-play indicating that he is AWAKE and that I'm going to have to put the laundry on hold.
Aw, man.
PS. Blogger is not letting me put spaces between my thoughts, er, paragraphs. What's up with that? Sorry for the even more confusing babble!


Lea Liz said...

okay girl you come and cook dinner for me and I will come and do your laundry and put it away!! I love doing laundry but I hate hate cooking!!!!!!!

Abby said...

Just found you via Baby Bug's mom's blog, and I loved this post. I'll definitely be reading you regularly. Also:

My name is Abby, too, and my love for Diet Coke no longer has anything to do with the caffeine, because I too have grown immune to it.