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Monday, April 6, 2009

I love-a IKEA!

It's back to the daily grind. But, I only have 8.5 weeks left. Yahoo! There were many teachers at school moaning and groaning over that. Oh! That seems so loooong, they whined.

Are you kidding me? We're on the downslope, friends! Let's be glass-is-half-full kinda girls. My enthusiasm wasn't contagious apparently. Oh well.
We were busy little bees this weekend. We painted and put furniture together and decorated and rearranged and cleaned. I felt rather accomplished, actually. So, with that said, I proudly present to you my, er, our office...

And, yes, the DESK - which appears to be in pristine condition, if not for the lacking of a screw or two - is my lovely curbside treasure plucked from my parents' neighbor's garbage in BROAD DAYLIGHT. I love, love, love it! So does my laptop, which now has a permanent home. The framed chalkboard is from my BFF, Allison, and it will hang above the desk just as soon as I can bear to put holes in our newly painted walls.

Here's the sofa-sleeper that didn't cost us our marriage due to assembly...


We totally need to put some pics on the walls, and add some more shelving, but I'm pleased.

And here is my solution to all the displaced toys - note the green, stripy bins. They're now full of Baby B's ever-growing collection of all things Fisher Price and Playskool. Ooh, and aren't the orchids lovely? Who knew IKEA sold potted plants? Love it. Actually, B chose the orchids.
There's another one on my desk.

So, now you can come and visit!


Lea Liz said...

looks great girl!!!! i love the orchids!

Jessica said...

i want you to post more pics of your house! it looks so light and airy and beautiful.

y'all are like real adults. yikes.

Joy said...

Great job! Everything looks wonderful and I love your taste! But I have to say, if I was to try to sit at my desk and work on that stool my bootie would break. Any plans for a cute chair to match that adorable desk?

Jess Kiley said...

You are a great asset to your school, I've always loved your energy. Miss you!

The Pettijohn's said...

It looks GREAT!!! Love the striped bins under the tv!!

Nat said...

I LOVE the desk and love even more that you took it from the garbage in broad daylight! That is the best way to get furniture!
I really like that TV stand, is that from Ikea? b/c we totally need a new one.