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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Favs for Tues

So, one of my BFFs, Kate, over at Sugar and Spice is hosting a listy post - and we know how I love my lists - so I thought I'd oblige and list my Fav Movies along with Kate and Co.

  • A Little Princess - My sisters and I used to rent this movie pretty much every other week when I was growing up. It was such a lovely, touching story that I didn't mind rewatching it. It also inspired many make-believe games.

  • Silence of the Lambs - This freaks me the heck out EVERY time I watch it. ScArY.

  • Now and Then - This was another rental that we probably had in our home at least once a month. If only to laugh out loud when Roberta calls Chrissy a fartass during the seance. I mean, that is still funny when I see it. Or type it. I might be LOLing right now :D (I totally just called my sisters to reminisce and give them a good laugh too.)

  • Grease - I got chills, they're multiplying. And I'm loooooosin' control...

  • Titanic - Like Duet Diva, I can't help but to watch it every time it's on. And I cry every darn time. When B and I were first married, we'd fall asleep every night watching it as we tried to cope without having the luxury of cable once we moved out of our parent's house.

  • Sex & the City - My wonderful husband had to accompany me to the theatre to see this one - I was 9 months pregnant. I loved him a little more after it was over, especially since it was a full out chick flick. And I'm pretty pumped that a sequel is in the making.

  • Wedding Crashers - Hi.Lar.Ious.

  • Father of the Bride - This is another one that I could watch over and over again.

  • Father of the Bride II - My mom took my sisters and I to see this one. I was kinda obsessed with the idea of me and my mom being pregnant at the sime time after I saw it. Like, how cool would that be?! Now, I just think it's kinda strange... And I'm sure my mom wouldn't really be up to it, huh mom?

  • Chevy Chase's Christmas Vacation - We watch this every year on Christmas eve and it never fails to crack me up. Especially because my family had a similar Christmas-tree-picking-out experience.

Now, go and MckLink up on Kate's blog!


Sugar and Spice said...

Don't you just love the crazy wedding planner guy in Father of the Bride..Frank. He cracks me up. "He took two? That means...Bye Bye George, see you next Thursday!" Thanks for participating in the Tuesday fun!

Smith Family Forum said...

Not up to it IN THE LEAST!


Nat said...

I love all those movies.. except Silence of the Lambs, way too creepy for me :)