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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Listy Loo Hoo

Ten Things That I Could NOT Live Without
...excluding any and everything baby-related (because there are too many too list), God, family, & friends...
1. Mascara. If there were one makeup item that I could not do without it is mascara. I use two different mascaras every day. I use Great Lash by Maybeline in Blackest Black, followed by a swipe or two or ten of Rimmel's Sexy Curves. I love them both equally, but have used Great Lash since I first started wearing makeup in high school per my mom's recommendation.
2. Rainbow Sandals. I have had mine since the summer of '05 and they are still going strong in the old-sturdy-shoe-wardrobe-staple kind of way. I wear them as soon as the weather hits a balmy 50 degrees and don't stop until the threat of frost appears in the forecast. Loves them.
3. Garage sales and thrift stores. You know I love me some good deals. Particularly tuck-n-runs. This is when you buy an item that is waaaaay underpriced (and you know it), so you fork over your quarter and hit the road, kicking your heels up as you walk away, doing jumping jacks on the inside out of excitement. (Hellllllo $3 Little Tykes Cozy Coupe!!!)
4. Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Markers. I'm a doodlebug, and these are the perfect tool for doodling on a sheet of notebook paper during a staff meeting. I can't tell you how many college ruled spiral notebooks bore my stamp of approval during my undergrad (i.e. doodling my future married future children's names...Alpha Delta Pi...UK). Doodling helps me learn. I swear.
5. Creative Outlets. Hence, my career, my blog, my journal, doodling, painting, couponing, etc.
6. My wedding rings and my Baby B necklace. I never realize how much security these two inanimate objects provide me until I forget to wear them. I am clawing my neck by the end of the day if I go without the necklace, and rubbing my fingers together when I'm ringless. I probably do this all the time when I'm wearing them, but it is WAY more obvious when I forget.
7. Wristlets. I gave up carrying a purse everywhere the minute I had to lug diapers, wipes, 2nd and 3rd backup outfits, multiple pacis, toys, puffs, and the kitchen sink everywhere I went. Now I just carry a wristlet everywhere because it holds all my imporant cards, cash, phone, and a spare paci without adding any extra weight. Plus, I can clip it to the stroller or grocery cart with ease. Mine also serves as a source of entertainment for Baby B during our trips to the grocery store.
8. Sunglasses. I wear mine everywhere. All the time. Rain or shine. During Dress Like Your Favorite Teacher Day at school this past year, several of my students came in sporting sunglasses perched atop their heads. Of course, they also carried a Diet Coke around all day long which totally cracked me up. Mine double as a headband too, keeping stray bangs out of my face. B gets on me all the time for this habit.
9. Um, my laptop.
And, last, but certainly NOT least...
10. Diet Coke.


Anonymous said...

Girl, I'm with ya on the doodles. My husband always thinks I'm not paying attention, but I tell him that it actually makes me pay attention better! Have you used the Sharpie pens? They don't bleed through as much but the colors aren't as cute. :)

Lea Liz said...

Oh girl I am with you on the diet coke and the wristlets!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally with you on the rainbows and the sunglasses. I wear my rainbows from March to the end of October. And I refuse to buy a par of sunglasses that don't fit my face equally as perfect as the top of my head! A pair must past both tests for me to purchase them! Hope you are having a wonderful vacation!

Unknown said...

I always have my sunglasses on my head as well. You never know when you are going to need then, and sometimes they just make your hair look 10 times better :). My husband laughs at me about it.

Brandi said...

I'm sooo with you on the Diet Coke and sunglasses!!! I go to Sonic every single day to get a R44 DC!!!YUMMY!!! Sunglasses are a must for me!!! LOVE 'em!! Your baby is adorable!!!

The Pettijohn's said...

I too am a Rainbow lover, in fact, mine no longer look like Rainbows :)

I could probably invest in another pair as mine have taken me from college days and beyond, but until one of the straps falls off, I'm holding on to the originals!