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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home again, home again, jiggity jig...

Hiya! I missed you!

Hi, BFFs! It's me! In the flesh! Real, live blogging at the Babbling Household again!

Did I totally fake you off with my pre-purposed posts, just waiting in the wings to fulfill your need for some babbling while I was away? Oh good, glad you liked them :)

So, we're home. I just finished off a sleeve of whole wheat Ritz with peanut butter that I scooped out from the jar, and B is napping blissfully on the couch. Baby B is at B's parents' place, also napping from what I've heard, so that I can get stuff done. Stuff like sleeping and savagely eating 27 crackers since there is NOTHING to eat in this house. Unless, of course, you like shredded cheese and Oreo Cakesters and whole wheat Ritz with store brand peanut butter.

The trip was great. Different, but great. Different because, well, we have this thing called a baby that made things shockingly, um, different. Like, for instance, those things he takes called naps totally got in the way of prime-time pool hours. And we were sort of tethered to a monitor starting at 8pm every night. Then there is the fact that my child is walking. Not just walking, but WALKING. We're talking walking, people!!! Like unassisted, stable, real-life walking. Everywhere. It was inevitable that he'd reach this milestone. And even more inevitable that he'd reach it while we were on vacation in a house that is made entirely of sharp, pointy objects, hard tile floors, and uncovered wall outlets. So, we spent a lot of time playing defense from a very independent little dude with an offense that rivals that of the Detroit Redwings.

But, when we weren't watching cable (!!!) while Baby B slept, we did have an enjoyable time doing lots of the mights that you read on Monday. Pretty much all of them, as a matter of fact. It was a mighty good trip, and I teared up a bit when we left last night.

Yes, we pulled an all-nighter. Something we'd never done before. We left Northern Michigan around 9pm last night and rolled into home about 5:30am this morning. After approximately 3 hours of sleep in his own bed, Baby B was up and at 'em, while B and I struggled to stay awake, propping our eyelids up with toothpicks to maintain consciousness. Since Baby B slept most of the ten hour trip home, he was more than ready to begin his day at 9am. Which is why he went to play at his Nana's today, while we went back home and slept. Thank you, Nana M!

There's a whole lot more vacation talk to blog about, but I should go be productive by grocery shopping or paying bills or even unloading the car might be a start. However, something tells me I'm not going to fully recover from this vacation for at least another week. And I'm sure you'll get to hear all about it...

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Nat said...

It looks like you had a great vacation! I can't believe how big Baby B is getting :)