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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Smooth criminals. Or not.

So, I get in my car around 1pm today to run some errands with Baby B. There are some random papers sitting in the driver's seat and my glove compartment is open.

Hmmmm. That's odd.

I phone B at work, ask him why he left it open, to which he replies, "Huh? What?"

Yeah, that's what I thought.

Our cars were broken into last night. Both of them.

Lucky for us, nothing was taken because - gasp - our cars are clean. I've been a stickler about keeping mine clean since it's new, so unless they wanted to take the VW manual, they were out of luck.

However, the thieves were obviously male (and stupid) because there were two Vera bags in the car that I use for toting around Baby B's stuff AND mine and B's car each have a Britax carseat. They could have made out on eBay. Idiots.

Though, I will admit that we both left our cars unlocked. Also idiots.

Isn't that a little creepy though? Our bedroom window overlooks the driveway, so it weirds me out that a complete stranger was rifling through my stuff while I slept right above. B wasn't very happy (I believe he said something to the effect of I will break their legs if I catch them...), and will probably add an additional golfclub to the growing number of tools to use against intruders when he comes to bed tonight. Our collection currently includes an assortment of random golfclubs and a baseball bat. Be warned.

I filed a police report this afternoon, only to find out that this crime took place not only all over my subdivision, but also the one across the street. My neighbors weren't so lucky, losing their wallet, iPod, and sunglasses. Ick.

So, anyway, I guess I'm blessed that I didn't leave my wallet in the diaper bag or center console for once (which I always do), and that the disgustingly dispicable individuals who broke into my car are obviously not schooled in the cost carseats these days.

PS. Baby B loves to eat cookies at his Nanas' house. Both of them, but this happens to be at my mom's.

PSS. My mom had foot surgery last week, so she's been whizzing around in the house on this totally scooterific contraption. Baby B thinks it's pretty sweet. And my sisters and I think it is pretty hilarious. She also broke her wrist in a separate, totally unrelated accident. Wise word to my BFFs: Crocs + hardwood = recipe for a good fall. Love you, mom :D


The White Family said...

I hate that happened Abz! The same thing happened to us at our house in Knox. Unfortunately, they took my ipod, which said "Mrs White Rocks" It was very sentimental from my little K kiddos! They also tried to steal my cd player and they only stole the face- weird? I guess we no longer live in a world where doors and cars can be unlocked:-(

I hope Aunt Shel is recuperating well! Poor thing!

The Pettijohn's said...

Oh my...glad nothing was taken and even more importantly, that y'all are SAFE!!!!!

We're "bat" friendly at our house too :)

Nat said...

Oh no Abby that's awful!!! Like the others said at least nothing was taken and you're safe but it still is a very creepy situation!! I hope they catch who ever was up to it.

Jessica said...

oh girl I'm glad nothing was taken & I hope they catch them. you are right that they were obviously male or maybe younger kids that know nothing about the cost of baby gear b/c those britax carseats don't come cheap! well glad y'all were safe!