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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good morning.

Baby B was up at 5:30 am this morning. And after repeated attempts to get him to sleep just one more hour, I finally gave up when he sat up and began chucking his paci off of the bed. Little stinker. So we got up, did our morning thing, read some books, and finally settled into breakfast about an hour or so earlier than we normally do our morning nosh. While he dissected ate a banana, I entertained him with an interpretive dance while Ants Marching played on Pandora. He rocked along happily in his seat, smooshing banana with his chubby little hands all the while.

Then he took a bath, and all was good in the world until I had to dry him off, diaper, and clothe him. Anything that involves restriction of any sort seems to be a torturous event these days. Lots of crying and body contortion ensued as I tried to wiggle a tee shirt over his head. This is what happens when you get up AN HOUR AND A HALF before you usually get up. But try telling that to a head strong one-year-old.

But, he's napping now. And it's raining outside. So I'm sipping coffee and contemplating whether or not to clean or do laundry or just kick up my feet and read the newest Jane Green novel, Dune Road - which conveniently arrived at the library after my week-long vacation where I actually had time to read.

Happy Wednesday, all :)


The Pettijohn's said...

Ants Marching----one of my all time faves :)

Early morning risers---I'll soon know one!

So, goooood morning to you!

The Denoves said...

Hi Abby....I found your blog from my friend Mrs. Pettijohn. I truly enjoy reading it...infact I started from the beginning. Well...I have to confess there is a small group of us that blog stalk you and I thought it was just time to confess it to you. Thanks for the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I found your page a while back and much like the one above me, I've been blog stalking you. LOL. I think you're hilarious and I love checking in and seeing what you have to say. I have a 15 month old little girl and we also went thru that pleasant phase, actually we're still in it, where the after bathtime routine suddenly seems brand new and torturous. It's nice to know she isn't the only one, LOL.

Liz (Biz)
P.S. I'm originally from MI (living in NJ now for hubby's work) so when I read about your vacation I about died with envy, I'd give anything to get back there!

Tonya * said...

I love Jane Green! I might have to check this new one out.

Mommy Webb said...

I think we are raising twinners by diff mommies if that's possible. Walker HATES cahnges of any kind that involve him staying stationary for more than one second. He even screams sometimes. I hope he'll grow out of it, but I doubt it;). I'm telling you, the UK frat scene is not ready for these two in 2026/2027.