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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Flaws? Me, have flaws????

Kate, over at Sugar & Spice, did an interesting post yesterday, titled Show Us Your Flaws. She brought up a good point - we mostly post the good, instead of the bad or the ugly, on our blogs. I don't know about everyone else, but I purposely leave out anything that could embarrass or hurt the feelings of those I love. I even consider the fact that Baby B will not be a baby forever, nor enjoy his mother posting about anything that could cause extra noogies in the lockers when he's in high school someday. Or whatever crazy things boys will be doing to each other sometime in the 2020s. I probably don't even want to know.

This is why I left the details of his surgery out the other day - because that's his business and not my right to go blabbing it to the entire bloggy world. And, to be honest, y'all were respectful enough to not even ask, which I thought was very sweet. Instead, you focused on his safety and provided encouraging thoughts and prayers. I have the best BFFs, I really do.

I digress...

So, while I may leave out the fact that B and I regularly argue about the way I leave the mailbox lid up repeatedly or how he constantly drinks all the milk, nor do I describe how crazy my husband made me when he brought home ONE HUNDRED 5-inch binders and LEFT THEM IN THE MIDDLE OF THE LIVING ROOM FLOOR, I don't mind putting myself out there at all.

So, I'll happily show off my flaws, and hope that I don't lose friends as a result ;)
  • I bite my nails. Ferociously. Down to the nitty gritty nubs. It's a terrible, nasty habit that I wish I could break. But, I've done it since I was like four, and no amount of anti-nail biting serum or acrylic can stop me. I'm considering hypnotism...
  • I rarely drink water. I substitute it with Diet Coke. Lots and lots of Diet Coke. Very early in the morning when others are downing fruit juices and milk, I'm washing down my breakfast with caramel-colored phenylalanine.
  • I hate to clean the bathroom. And change my sheets. {Ick. That's terrible!} So, they get cleaned infrequently.
  • One word: laundry. Three words: never gets done.
  • I talk loud and fast. Sometimes I type the same way. Hence, the many grammatical/spelling errors you sometimes see in my posts. Usually, if I don't find them myself, my friend Allison or my husband calls me out.
  • I never return library books on time, and have owed outrageous amounts before (like, twice the cost of the actual book that wasn't returned).
  • I wait to fill up my tank until it's faaaaaar below a quarter of a tank. Fortunately, I have never been completely empty before. Knocking on wood.
  • I absolutely stink at writing thank-you notes. Or sending them, at least.
  • Sometimes I procrastinate, but I tend to do my best work under pressure - so it's part flaw and part genius all at the same time.
  • I watch lots of webisodes on, namely The Hills, The City, and 16 and Pregnant. I'm 26, so I'm sure that I'm on the outskirts of their target market, but it's like an addiction.

I'm sure there are many, many more, but I have school work to do, so hopefully now you feel better about yourself ;)Don't forget, tomorrow is Mighty Monday! Come back and play :D


Sugar and Spice said...

I love reading your blog perfectness, flaws and all! Excited about Mighty Monday tomorrow!

Mommy Webb said...

Great post. You are SO right, Abz. We leave out some of the not so great stuff, hence the lack of pics of me on my blog;). I def do the gas thing. And watch MTV. And procrastinate. And lots more kinda bad stuff like that...Have a great week!!!

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm JUST as horrible about returning library books. Any time hubby suggests borrowing a book from the library.. I'm like, why? I'll just have to pay fines close to what it would cost to buy the book!

Nat said...

You are so my twin...
I hate cleaning bathrooms and changing sheets (gross I know), laundry is a never ending chore in our house, I just went back to the library this past May because I'd been avoiding it since apparently June 2005 due to my $25 in fines, I never ever fill up my gas tank until the gas light comes, I procrastinate- just got my wedding cake last week, I also talk loud and fast, especially when I'm excited-people think I'm yelling, I also tell very long stories and I hate shaving my legs.