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Friday, August 21, 2009

Just put me in a cookie-induced coma.

Is it okay that as I sit here and type, I am polishing of my fifth (and final) Keebler Original Chips Deluxe cookie? It better be because it was one heck of a day in kindergarten. Now that we're three days deep, little behaviors are starting to surface. The darling dears are pushing my buttons (how they know the ones that work is amazing), and I'm suddenly not so swooned by their sweet facades. I love them all. I do. But it's the chatting. The desobedience. The incessant teacher, teacher, teacher that get me going. MY NAME IS MRS. BABBLING FOR THE FOUR-HUNDREDTH AND NINETY-SEVEVENTH TIME. Thankyouverymuch.


So, I'm consuming my irritation by eating waaaay too many cookies, and purposefully directing the nutrition part of the packaging away from me so I don't have to, you know, actually visualize the fat and calories each of those little devils has in them.

Overall, I think it was a successful week. I feel like I'm ready to attack Week II with the same fervor and enthusiasm with hopes of nipping those little behaviors in the bud that make me want to consume entire bags of cookies. However, I'll tell you right now, I can only take so much teacher, teacher before I go from Good Witch to Bad Witch.

And, just in case you thought maybe I was the only one getting along swimmingly with sweets these days, I'm not. Photographic proof:


Brit said...

Abs, I ate pretty much an entire bag of chocolate chip cookies the other day. Don't feel guilty. 400 lb Brit here has you beat on the cookie binge.

B is adorable. I could eat him up with or without the chocolate! ;)

Rob and Amy said...

Freaking adorable! I just finished off my breakfast of diet coke and a dutch apple bagel....

Not your Happily Ever After said...

Love the pictures of B. He is such a sweetie. I ran 3 miles last week just so I could eat some cookies. I started homeschooling our four older kids last week and needed to be in the same cookie induced coma. HA!

Anonymous said...

I'm that way with Oreos. No big deal. Kindergarten teachers deserve things like that :)

The White Family said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean! I felt like a ineffective first day teacher when all 21 of my kids showed up on Friday! It is going to take a lot of work to train them! Sometimes I wonder how I do it! Although, our sweet little babies make us forget about the stresses of the world! Baby B's pics are precious! Good luck this week!