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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mighty Monday!

Let's take a day to celebrate all the things we might have done over the past week. Feel free to join in and leave a comment so we visit your post too :D

Um, I might have promised you that I would rig up a MckLinky, but I might be too lazy to fool with it (and I'm sure it's all very easy), so I'll continue to post mighty big promises and hope that I'm not letting you down.

I might have been SUPER PUMPED about the coupons that came in the paper yesterday. Enough so that I might have gone back out later in the day to pick up another paper so I can double fist the deals.

I might be a hair excited about starting school next week.

I might have initially typed hare on accident, though I don't believe you can measure excitement in rabbits.

I might complain about how I can't wait for summer break, though, once school actually begins.

I might be staring a big, fat mess in the face right now.

I might have accepted my MIL's generous offer to send chicken over for dinner, since she knows how to operate a grill and all. I might not have the slightest idea how to start one.

I might have asked the Kroger employee if she would mind restocking the free cookie stash, so that I could occupy Baby B while I sped through the aisles.

I might have given him four. They might have been little, though. In my defense.

I might have also stupidly given Baby B a cup full of Cheez-Its which promptly found their way onto the hardwood floor. I did, however, save them from his happy feet before they wound up crushed into a million tiny little pieces.

While I might enjoy the entertainment value provided by the endless number of dump trucks and Caterpillars cruising down the street, I am sick and tired of them thinking our front yard is their personal parking space. Rrrrrr.

My son might be holding a fairy princess wand in this picture. I might not tell his dad.

My favorite girl might be three.

That might be all, folks. Have a Mighty Monday!


Blake's Momma said...

Love it! Esp the princess wand!

I participated in my first Mighty Monday today - it was a doozie!

Sugar and Spice said...

I love Mighty Monday and you know I participated. I got the Q's in the mail, thanks! Going to buy some diapers right!

Nat said...

I love the pic of her licking the cake!