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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Enough of the bug.

Becks is still down for the count with some kind of bug. He's fairly tempermental, to put it mildly. This means that he pretty much gets to dictate when and if B and I so much as move from the couch, how many episodes of Wiggles we will watch (8+ hours - but who's counting?), and decide that donut icing is all he will eat for breakfast. I probably would have offered him a coke if he'd asked. It's called survival mode.

Despite being verbal, it's still difficult to know what - if anything - is bothering him. And that's frustrating for everyone. Does his head hurt? Tummy? Ears? Throat? Your guess is as good as mine.

{Sidenote: He just requested more Wiggles, and then changed his mind as I was pressing play. To Caillou. Possibly the most annoying preschooler I have ever met in my life. And I have met a lot of annoying preschoolers. Ugh.}

Here's to happier days. And hopefully only a 48 hour bug.

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Sarah said...

Ugh. Watching Caillou is torture. I always tell my girls that Calliou is how NOT to act... All that whining... Aaaaahhh!

Hope Becks gets to feeling better! Nothing like those B2S germies!

AbbyS. said...

Dear Becks,
GET WELL SOON!Even though you are a super cute couch potato!
Dear Abby,
We love the Wiggles aka "GuyGuys" around here, but I do have a question, Do you know why Caillou is a bald? Just checkin'!
Hope you have a great week!

Stephanie said...

Cannot STAND Caillou - we actually do not watching it at our house because of all the dang whining!! I wish Sprout would take Calliou off the air!! HAHAHA

Nat said...

Feel better Becks!!

Cyndy said...

Oh, can I EVER relate! "No Mom! I want to sit on your lap!" Mom thinking, "But I CANNOT sit through another episide!!!!" Hoping for a quick recovery!

California Wife said...

Ahh, Caillou is the worst! It's one of three shows the 2-year old I nanny is allowed to watch, and I hate it. He's the whiniest cartoon character I've ever seen.
I hope Becks gets feeling better soon!

Ariane said...

Aww, poor Becks (and Abby and B)!

Jillian said...

poor little guy!! I hope he feels better soon!