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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Friends with Benefits

So, while I haven't been participating in #ATFT (After the Final Tweet) this season, I have certainly been keeping up with Ali and the many escapades with her crew of eligible bachelors. Instead of hanging with my virtual friends, I have found a great group of IRL friends to banter back and forth with over the Rated R scandal and how creepy it was when Casey got a tattoo in honor of Ali (super creepy, btw). I would venture to say that there were just as many awkward moments during this season of The Bachelorette as an episode of The Hills. The Weatherman crying? Awkward. Being suspended half-naked in the air for your debut performance in The Lion King? Awkward. Casey's serenades? Super awkward.


I have spent the past 8 Mondays with these girls...

Raelynn (one of my BFFs from college), Me, Kate, & Dana
Besides our shared love of all things awkward, we together adore wine and rice krispy treats. We literally had this combo every week. And every week they seemed to increase in size. Last night's were the size of enormous - as you can see compared to my wine glass. Thanks, Kate!
But the best part of making new friends with these girls is that we all have something important in common. We're all married, working mommas with 2-YEAR-OLDS! Which means we spend a lot of time saying, Omigosh, I can totally relate. And for those of you who are moms, you know how important it is to have mom friends who can totally relate to balancing life and motherhood, along with things not parenting related . In fact, we usually end up DVRing the show so we can spend the first hour catching up before we have to obsess over what shade of yellow Ali will wear or whether or not she will choose Chris or Roberto. (fyi: loved both guys, but was pulling for Chris).

And, in other completely random news, Becks walked into my bedroom the other day holding an open carton of milk. Who would you imagine he learned this skill from?


Shannon said...

I think the highlight of this post for me are his pj's! I love them! And may need them in an adult size...

Jamie said...

Wine and rice krispy treats...yum :)

I never realized it but you're right...Ali does wear a lot of yellow!

What a funny picture of Becks!

Unknown said...

i was rooting for chris with a glass of wine with girlfriends as well! but darn, i knew i was missing something, that rice krispie treat looks amazing!

and really really cute pic of mr becks!

Gina said...

I need to figure out where you got those pjs for Becks before my little man is born. Advice?

Ms. Emmy N said...

I love bachelorette parties with my girls! And I really love rice crispy treats - I am gonna have to make those next season! How funny was it that they played the music from Lion King after Roberto and Ali got engaged? That show is just so cheesy sometimes, I love it!

And that picture of Becks is too cute!

PS So happy to find another Bengals fan :)

AbbyS. said...

The wine and treats look much more appealing than the laminated name plates I was involved with while watching!!
How fun! What a great looking bunch, and it is soooo nice that you all have so much in common.
Speaking of much in common- I totally have that blue dress! Gap Outlet??