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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Disgruntled reindeer

My husband has a way of finding real quality TV programming to keep us entertained on the weekend. Last week it was La Bamba - the story of Ritche Valens. Today it is Ghoulies II. We're talking classic TV here, people. This is what you're subjected to when you only get 12 channels, 3 of which are public access, and is why I've watched an entire season of The Hills on my computer during a snow day before.

Anyway, I can finally let out one enormous sigh of relief, as school is out for the next 16 days. Our Christmas party went off without a hitch - 45 minutes of sugared goodies, ornament decorating, and book exchanging. I have a great group of parents that helped out, and the kiddos seemed to genuinely enjoy themselves. I was showered with everything from the usual candles and giftcards (yay!) to the not-so-ordinary stone tranquility fountain and random shell magnet plucked off of the home refrigerator. Hopefully mom and dad don't miss it too much.

Having been super busy for the last month of weekends, we are enjoying a very lazy day at home. Though showered, we're all still in our PJs watching the aforementioned Ghoulies, which I'm sure went on to win several awards in 1987. It's totally a spin-off of Gremlins, and the special effects are pretty stellar.

We have a busy week ahead, what with my birthday and Jesus' birthday all within a span of 48 hours. Baby B has a pretty lax list this year that includes anything that's colored and makes a crunching sound. Mainly used wrapping paper. I think he might just get his wish.
PS. Did you get our Christmas card?????

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Anonymous said...

Your card was so cute!I regret that I didn't even get around to sending any out this year. What wonderful Christmas mornings you all will have with that little guy! Enjoy them an note every moment because they grow up quickly.
Love you all,
Aunt Debbie S.