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Monday, December 22, 2008

Photographic proof that we spent Saturday in our pjs and our dog is the size of a small pony

Ah, there is nothing like sleeping in until 7am to really start your day off on the right track. Or at least mine. Baby B woke up on the complete wrong side of the bed, and was down for his first a.m. nap by 8:15am. I probably would have continued to snuggle on Baby B in bed until 8am, but B needed me to lock the door after he left at 7am.
Why, you ask?

Because Muscles broke his key off in the lock about a month ago. I haven't had the time to replace it, so we're stuck with ONE housekey. Not even kidding. Our neighbors are the only other people who have a spare.

Anyway, I feel like a whole new person after a weekend of doing absolutely nothing. I didn't so much as waste a thought on lesson planning. And I probably won't for about another week.

Oh, how I love thee Christmas break.

So after our Saturday spent Wii-ing (B bowled an "8-pack" - 8 strikes in a row), we went to church on Sunday and my parents' for my birthday dinner last night. Don't worry, you haven't forgot my birthday yet. It's tomorrow.

As if two pairs of the most super-wonderful-cozy-warm-and-stylish-boots weren't enough, B thought I could use a knit pair as an early b-day gift.

And he was totally right. I could totally use a knit pair. (Definitely not a Doghouse Gift.) Thus, my love affair with overpriced boots continues. I think turning 26 totally warrants expensive boots, don't you?

In other news, our house robbed us blind last month by being extremely energy efficient. Really, $260, house? Can you please not let our precious heat escape through your tough plaster walls? As soon as I read the e-Bill, off went every light in the house and I turned the heat down to a chilly 69 degrees from our usual 72. Baby B's gums are chattering.

And here I sit blogging, freezing my hiney off, clad in multi-layers, my Denali jacket, a scarf and one of those face masks that bank robbers wear. I'm going to have to invest in some fingerless gloves so that typing becomes a bit easier.

Only kidding. And Baby B's gums can't chatter anymore anway because...drumroll please...he's GETTING A TOOTH! And I'm crying - a) because my sweet precious is growing like a weed (six months on Saturday!), b) because I will miss his gummy smile, and c) because I can only imagine what a mouthful of teeth are going to mean for breastfeeding.



The Ossege Family said...

72 degrees!!! I get yelled at if I bump it up to 70. Randy would have a heart attack knowing you keep it that high (me, I only dream of having it that warm and cozy in the house). We keep it at 69 degrees, not bad, but 72 saounds a lot better to me :) Love the boots!

Anonymous said...

Are those "rabbit ears" B is adjusting on the television? I haven't seen those in forever! I remember my mom and dad had some wrapped in aluminum foil for even better reception. Merry Christmas to all of you. Is it snowy there? It is freezing here!

Nat said...

I totally hear you on the electric/gas bill ours jumped from $96 to $177 and I did the same thing you did ran around turning everything off and cranking the heat under 70!

Abby said...

Heck yes those are rabbit ears! We do what we have to go get our 12 stations in around here ;) Thanks for your sympathy Car and Nat - I appreciate it! I think I'm going to call the electric co. B thinks it more than doubling is a little suspicious...