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Friday, March 13, 2009

I don't know how many times my child can define the word cute, but this clearly tops the list.

It also illustrates that Baby B is not a bitty baby anymore. I'm not sure what nickname he will get when he exceeds babydom. Toddler B? I'm thinking no.

This happened tonight after his persistent wailing led B upstairs to check on him, only to find Baby B seated in the upright position grinning an elfish little grin. I walked up to check on the both of them, and Baby B amazed us by pulling himself up on the crib rail and then maneuvering around it. Then he started blowing raspberries on the rail, and B and I could barely stand up we were laughing so hard. His talent never ceases to amaze us. If Baby B defines cute, then B and I define doting parents. It's ridiculous. I'm sure all you first time parents completey understand the complete and udder fascination with your firstborn.


*My mother just drew my attention to the fact that I wrote "udder fascination." No, Baby B does not have the chest of a cow, nor would I be fascinated with that. I meant "utter." Oops!


The Pettijohn's said...

goooooooooodness! that is SO cute!

great video of your little guy!

The Ossege Family said...

That was adoreable!!! I personally love getting excited over all the little quirky things my kids do. Austin's new trick is when we open the door to lie down and pretend he's asleep (no joking!!!) Kids are so funny :)

Anonymous said...

Toooo Cute for words... OK maybe not words because I always have a lot of words I could use to describe such adorableness. I use them all the time for my little one. She just took her first "steps" last night. More like a shuffle, shuffle, wobble, wobble, shuffle, thump. But it still counts in my book! She also discovered the springy door stoppers this week and if we can't find her we just have to listen for the "thwoiinnnggg" sound coming from behind a door.

Just be glad you discovered the source of the "raspberries" sounds in person. Could you imagine hearing that over a baby monitor???

Thanks for sharing that great video!

very married said...

hahaha! oh my gosh - sometimes i get really scared of having kids (fiance and i know we want them but aren't sure on the timing) but seeing stuff like this makes me excited!