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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Me? Kreativ? (I really HATE the spelling of that, btw)

I mentioned awhile ago that I was going to introduce you to some of my new BFFs (that would be Blog Friends Forever for those of you who are out of the my loop). I have really loved blogging because not only do I get to babble about anything random that comes to mind, but also because I have met some very sweet people.

First, there is Nat. She blogs over at It's a Charmed Life, and I love catching up on her almost-married-I-have-a-super-cute-house life. I knew Nat and I would be good blog buddies when I read about her love of clothes and wine. If she didn't live up east, we'd totally hang out. Anyway, she recently bequeathed me the Kreativ Blog Award, which I have been meaning to write about since, oh, two weeks ago? Anyway, I'm supposed to write about seven things that I love and then pass the award onto seven other people who do the same thing.

Seven Things I Heart…

  1. Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. I just polished off the second to last sleeve. Straight from the freezer, of course. I'm not sure there's any better way to eat them. Maybe with peanut butter?
  2. Teaching Catalogues. How much fun is it to post-it an entire catalogue of teaching supplies?! I could do this for hours. My husband budget won't allow me to actually purchase anything, but a girl can dream.
  3. Diet Coke, Barefoot Wine, and iced tea. (This counts as one since they're all beverages, right?)
  4. The City. I'm a little depressed that I'm going to have to wait through a season of The Hills before I can find out if Whitney and Jay hook up again, or if Allie catches slimeball Adam in the act. Love, love, love it!
  5. Drinking coffee on the weekend with B at 7am. It makes me feel like a grown-up. Because only grown-ups have any reason (i.e. babies) to be up at 7am on a Saturday, jonesing for caffeine. Though being 26 alone might qualify me as a grown-up. I'll have to check.
  6. Warm weather. Can it not be June already?! Oh, wait. I can wait for June. Because then Baby B will be a year old. And I will cry that he is getting too big. Can't it just be warm now, then?

  7. My Boys. I seriously love them. Both of them. To pieces. To the moon and back infinity times infinity. As big as the whole universe, assuming that the universe is infinite. I love them <3

Thanks, Nat, for the award! I now pass it on to…

Carrie @ The Ossege Family

Heather @ The White House

Rachel @ Babywebbsite

Lindsey @ The Alexander Family Blog

Joy @ Mommy's Joy (A super funny read!)

Nat @ The Pettijohn's (P.S. This SUPER-CUTE momma-to-be is also a new BFF! Go check out her link, she is darling and she also gave me an award that I will post about soon!)

Amy @ From This Day Forward (Another new BFF! I love me some new friends!)

Have a happy, happy day y'all!

And, because every day needs some sweet precious in it, here is the boy child. Check out those toofers.


The Pettijohn's said...

Firstly, what a KISSABLE precious of yours!!!

Second, THANK YOU for the sweet words. I feel kindred spirits with boy mommies :)

oh, and Barefoot wine. I do long for a nice day, one day!!

Jess Kiley said...

Congratulations to you, and all the beautifully connected bloggers on the web. I heart you all!

The Ossege Family said...

Thank You for the award!!!You are the greatest friend! I agree about "kreativ" (I'm not big on inventive spelling). Guess that is the teacher in me.

Lea Liz said...

adorable!!!!!! did you get mythank you? Brody has already wore his onesies out!!

Nat said...

You are too sweet!! We would totally hang out in real life b/c I join you on thin mints- just polished off my second box about 2 weeks ago and they are only good from the freezer, the city- so much better than the hills I don't think I can take another season of Lauren, Lo or Audrina, Barefoot wine is my fav- no joke!, and warm weather (I'm still waiting for my spring to hit)!

Baby B gets cuter every day!! I can't believe how big he has gotten!

Anonymous said...

i miss him...

Jessica said...

I'm drinking Barefoot Cabernet right now!

Joy said...

Thank you my sweet dear for the award! It's my first one so I'm feeling a little over the top and all warm and tingly inside right now because someone enjoys my site enough to recognize it like this. Or maybe its that I'm working on the bottom of my second glass of wine making me feel that way. (It's not Barefoot tonight but you do have good taste.) Either way I'm going to head over to It's A Charmed LIfe to grab the button so I can wear it proudly on my site. I want to see that badge on your site too since you so deserve this award yourself!!

I've also learned something new tonight about your world. In my reading of your site I guess it never dawned on me that your son is so close in age to my daughter (May22). Who knows, maybe one day our kids will meet, fall in love, have babies, and have their own mommy/parenting blogs to scribble on meanwhile, we will be praying they only write that we are the coolest Grandmommies ever! Is that reaching? :-) I think I'm going to go grab another glass of wine and raise it up to you!

Thanks again! Cheers!