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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I'm much too tired for it being 10:51pm. Especially considering I drank a mocha frappacino and a Diet Pepsi within the last two hours. Ugh. I gagged a little typing the word Pepsl;akdjfsd. I can't even bring myself to write it again. I just returned from school where that company that begins with a P has a monopoly on our vending machines. Now, if only I made the rules...

Since my eyes keep crossing, preventing me from typing a more coherent post, you're in for some captioned pics tonight. Of my favorite subject.

This must have been the good part in the book.

Just a little ice cream sandwich shared between boy and man's best friend. You know he totally stuck the licked hand back into his mouth after he shared his snack. And I just sat back and watched because, seriously, did you think that I had time between hand-in-dog-mouth and hand-in-his-mouth to get a wipe. Um, that would be a big fat no. We're lucky that Leland is baby-friendly. If she were on the other side of the fence, though, Baby B would be defending himself from an in-your-face lickfest.

Mmmmmm, vanilla flavored dog slobber. Yuh-mmy.

Apparently, if you just add water, they grow.


The Ossege Family said...

How could you drink P....??? Eww! Yuck! Quick get a coke and get your system back to normal :) Your poor taste buds:(

Jenna said...

Hey Abby!! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! I just wanted to hop over and say hello but cannot get over how incredibly CUTE your little guy is!!! Hope ya'll are having a great night!

Mommy Webb said...

Just wanted to say that I think Mr. Becks has a touch of his mommy in him the older he gets. Just sayin':).

Nat said...

Seriously could he get any cuter??? Hadley was my favorite on SB- I loved her, were you friends with her?
I drank diet pepsi in college only b/c university of maryland is sponsored by pepsi so diet pepsi was my only option, even the Mcdonalds on campus sold pepsi even though they usually sell coke!!!