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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pair #26

I have a lot of trouble finding jeans that I like. I'm borderline 5'10" tall, with long legs, so finding a style that compliments my glamazon stature and legs is difficult. I'm partial to Gap Long and Leans, but I find that even those give me trouble. Fresh out of the dryer, the waist fits perfect, but the length is a little shy of my heels and I hate that. An hour later, they've stretched out at the waist, leaving me with saggy-butt syndrome and only then, when I've literally yanked them up dozens of times by the belt loops, are they the length that I want. I can't win.

Yesterday, I happened upon the site Zafu, which claims to match you to your perfect pair(s) of jeans after filling out a short questionnaire detailing your body and fit. So, I gave it a whirl, clicking through the survey, and eventually ending up with 29 jean matches.

Not surprisingly, some were pricey, some I could buy at the mall, some were specialty, the Gap Long and Leans were on the list, along with some brands I'd never heard of, but would certainly be willing to locate and purchase if the fit is perfect. The washes seemed consistent with what I usually buy, along with the boot-cut style that I have worn, like, forever. Like since a boy in high school commented that I looked like I was waiting for a flood. Anyway.

And then there was Pair #26.

I gasped, choked a little on my coffee, and cocked my head to one side making sure that this pair of jeans was actually what I thought it was.

Oh, yes, they were. Plain as day.

Mom Jeans.

A nice, crisp pair of St. John's Bay, high-waisted, tapered leg Mom Jeans.

For real, Zafu!? I told you that I was between the ages of 26-30 and you add a pair of Mom Jeans to the list?

Um, so yeah, I'm slightly offended. And I don't know if I actually can trust this site anymore.

Happy to be a mom? Yes. Happy to be matched with pair of Mom Jeans? No.


Rob and Amy said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Sexy girl, SEXY!!!!

Colby said...

I feel you sistah! I'm 5'11 and have a horrible time finding the length and style I want... I did have good luck with Victoria Secret-they make a 36" that I can wear my heels with... just not all of their jeans come that long :( Good luck in your quest and post if you find "the ones"!

Mama Suz said...

Oh mom jeans, mom jeans... What designer EVER thought it was okay to make a pair of jeans that go all the way up to your boobs, stick a pair of ugly pockets on the butt to make everything wider than it actually is, and then taper the legs at the bottom for a finishing touch? They should have been fired on the spot and mom jeans should have never hit the stores! And since they are out there, what kind of website sells mom jeans to 26-30 year olds?

I'm a big fan of the GAP long and lean jeans myself. However, I don't dry my jeans. They're a little stiff when I put them on but they don't shrink at the leg. Which, to tall girls like ourselves, is what matters. I also have a long legged friend who finds cute jeans at The Buckle, but you may have to fork over $60+. Good luck and please let me know if you find anything cute!

Anonymous said...

LMAO... aww I feel for you! I've had the same problem, but have found 2 brands that are always perfect fits-- just about any pair of Tall jeans from Express or American Eagle always work for me.

I would definitely be writing a strongly worded complaint to if I were you!

The Pettijohn's said...

You and I have the opposite problem, sweet friend :)

I have legs the length of a dauchsand---short, short, short!

In Dallas we had a local "thrift" store that carried tons of designer jeans for half the price--so everytime I went in I'd pick up a pair and they are always SO long on me! I don't believe in $200 jeans. Nonsense!

I have found True Religions to be the longest, so maybe you could Ebay a bit and find them for a good deal---or if I make it back to Dallas with my tot I'll pick you up a pair :)

The Ossege Family said...

I can't stop laughing!!! MOM Jeans are just so funny looking.

Maybe you could buy a pair for you, Chels, and your could all match :) just kidding!

Come on, even the president wears them...hee! hee!

Jessica said...

That is hilarious! But I must say I am in the same boat as you. I am 5'11" & have the hardest time finding jeans long enough. About the only thing that works for me is BKE brand from Buckle. They are really long & don't do the baggy butt thing! ha THE hardest time of my life though was finding Maternity jeans/pants that were long enough. I literally had 1 pair of maternity jeans! Luckily, my biggest months were during the summer last year so I wore mainly capris & shorts...BUT since I just found out I am prego again & this baby is due in March, my biggest months will be right in the middle of winter. I don't know what I am going to do! Did you have any luck w/ Maternity pants? And if so, where??

Abby said...

I feel your pain, sort of. I'm shortshortshort. No matter how many pairs of jeans I try on, NONE are short enough, and the ones that are either fit too tight around the waist (childrens jeans... sigh), or are wayyyy too big (larger short people? Obese midgets? No idea).

In other news, MOM JEANS?!
You will NEVER be a mom-jeaner.

Hollie said...

Abby, I am also tall with long legs (5'9) and used to always have trouble being truly satisfied in the jean area. However, I have found the perfect jeans for me...for us! I HIGHLY recommend that you buy Big Star jeans. You can buy them online, but I go to the mall and buy from Buckle because I feel that trying them on is a must. I fell in love with them and never looked back. They even have long and extra long lengths and the washes are awesome. Trust me....try one pair and you'll love them! And let me know how it goes!

Mommy Webb said...

Poor thing...long, long, long leggies. You get no sympathy from me, sista;). But that pic was classic. I'll give you that.

Unknown said...

sister, 3 words: Rock & Republic. A little pricey but totally worth it - and you can sometimes find them at TJMaximus. The inseam is 35-36" and they fit the bottoms of us who aren't so bootylicious in the tush.

Nat said...

I am a little behind... but I totally feel you on the long jeans thing! I am 5'9 and trying to find long pants is pretty much impossible.
Rock & Republic- like Kari said pricey but you can totally find them on Ebay or at consignment shops and all their inseams are 34-36in
Gap-Long and Lean- some of my favs!! They are perfect and more reasonably priced.
Joe's Jeans- I like these because they make a style that comes up high in the back so you don't get a whale tale when you sit down (ie underwear hanging out of pants)and I like to keep my backside covered. (again a little pricey but worth it)
I never pay full price for jeans... I always shop at Loehmanns, Filene's Basement, or Ebay.

Anonymous said...

Abby, I just started following you blog, and I must say my co-workers must think I am crazy. i just start randomly laughing at work, which rolls over to me laughing when I answer the phone. ( I work for an EMS dispatch center, so I must explain why i am laughing) I love you blog...its great and your family is gorgeous :0)

Anyways... I thought I would try to help with your quest for Jeans.... I too am quite the amazon, topping out at 5'11 3/4s... I buy ALL of my jeans AND slacks from triple w(dot)store(dot)alloy(dot)com.. They go up to 37 ( yes you read that right) 37 inseam and are in the 20-30 dollar range.... Good luck I hope it helps... If you have any more questions about it im at duckymcgeek(at)gmail(dot)com... and sometimes you can find AWESOME sales and clearances for like 50% off.....Happy Hunting