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Monday, August 23, 2010

coxsackievirus and other things

For the love. Becks has HFM (hand, foot, and mouth). Again.

If you want to be fancy, it's called coxsackievirus. {Thank you, Dr. Blomer}

When he practically leapt out of his chair when eating ketchup last night, I just knew something was up. The fever combined with blisters in his mouth, on his lips and feet further confirmed my diagnosis. And it's one of those spectacular viruses that lends itself to letting it run its course. Fantastic. Just please, virus, don't run your course for the next 7-10 days as the CDC suggests. Please err on the low-end and give us a break at 4 or 5. We're kinda busy in these parts and I really don't think I can handle another weekend full of Wiggles. M'kay? Thanks.

In other news, I had a swift trip through Target {alone} tonight, and had a mild panic attack in the shoe aisle. As I was browsing for a pair of smart flats to kick around in during the school day, I suddenly realized that I had not purchased the pair of shoes for a wedding that is a month away. The bride sent an email over a month ago making this request. Gah! I just about keeled over into the a rack of booties. So I raced a couple of aisles over {seriously race - as in Super Market Sweep style}, and find ONE pair of the shoes left in my size. ONE. But it doesn't matter because one pair was all I needed, and they are not only super cute but cost-friendly too at $19.99. LOVE. THEM. Wait until you see the dress I get to wear them with. Girl's got taste.

Besides shoes, I also bought Diet Coke, Bronzer, pretzels, and Ovaltine. And a pair of new Converses for Becks. And a 20 pack of hangers. And that is why you never go into Target expecting to leave buying just anything. Because you leave buying way more than you anticipated. I'm pretty sure I went there just to buy B some folders for school. {Sidenote: when I walked in from Walgreens last night he about died when I held up four primary colored notebooks and asked if I wanted his classmates to know he was married to an elementary school teacher. He he :)}

Lastly, I need you all to supply me with some go-to quick-and-easy meals because this working momma fed her boys buttered noodles tonight, and I just don't forsee that cutting it for the next 2-3 years. We're talking 3-4 ingredients max with stuff I likely have or buy regularly. Don't go all white cooking wine on me. I need easy and available. All suggestions will be much appreciated.

Happy Monday :)


Jenni said...

CUTE shows- love them! And, I can never leave Target without spending $50!

A Wedding Story said...

My husband had coxsackievirus a few years ago and let me tell you I bet Becks is handling a WHOLE lot better than Justin did!!!! Poor little guy, I hope he's better soon :)

Jamie said...

Poor Becks! I sure hope he feels better soon!

I love those shoes :) I saw them on Target's website and thought they were so cute!

We like chicken and broccoli alfredo...we use wheat rotini noodles instead of alfredo noodles, a bottle of Bertolli alfredo sauce, chicken we grilled on the George Foreman, and broccoli. Just cook it and mix it all really only takes 15-20 minutes and it's delicious!

Erin said...

The crock pot is my best friend during the school year! So easy! I get everything ready the night before, plug it in in the morning, and come home to delicious meals all cooked! :)

Hope your little one feels better!

Ashley said...

I love this dish- so easy and so tasty! ttp://
I substitute salsa (any kind) for the picante sauce, but that's just me. And try cutting up the tortillas with a pizza cutter; it makes an easy meal even faster! :)

Ashlee said...

found your blog via CA wife and i LOVE it :) here's an easy recipe, hope it helps!

best recipe ever...had it for dinner tonight and it takes all of 15 mins (or less) to make -

southwest chicken:

2 chicken breasts (1 breast per person is how i count, cube and cook in a frying pan, i generally use a oven top wok but any frying pan will do)

1 tbsp of chili powder (dump over chicken when it is nicely cooked and stir around)

i usually reduce the heat at this point to low/medium

then dump in:

1 can of drained black beans

1 cup of frozen corn

1 can of coconut milk

1 cup of salsa

stir and let all this simmer on low to medium heat for about 10 mins and serve over rice. if you want it a little spicier you can always add more chili powder or salsa. salt to taste.


Erica said...

Poor kiddo! I hope everyone is doing better and rested up soon. I did a menu earlier this week (or was it last week) with meals that are 30 minutes or less, and more-or-less healthy! (Maybe 3 or 4 posts down!)

lalalovely lindsay said...

waffles, breakfast meat, orange juice

spaghetti - brown 1 lb. hamburg, add spaghetti seasoning, toss in one large can tomato sauce and boil noodles

**no meat option: melt 1/2 stick butter, peel and slice an onion in half, place one half in melted butter, pour over tomato sauce. let simmer and reduce for 45 minutes. boil noodles.

grilled cheese and tomato soup

beef and noodles - cook a chuck roast in your crockpot all day with some beef broth, boil egg noodles and spoon into dishes with a hunk of meat and some broth

**if your chuck roast is big enough, save some and shred it. serve it with a bun and bbq sauce

chicken thighs - wash skin on chicken thighs and place on parchment paper. rub on olive oil and season: salt, pepper, ground thyme, cayenne pepper. roast in oven 350-400* for about an hour.

swiss stuffing chicken - place chicken breasts in a casserole dish. mix some chicken flavored stuffing with cream of chicken soup. pour over chicken. cover with swiss cheese. bake 350* 30-40 minutes.

Anthony & Jessie said...

Stir fry:
Get a big, deep skillet: add water, rice (brown to be healthy), mixed veggies (just use the frozen bag), chicken and roger marinade (their are tons of different flavors). I like terrikia. Then cook on the stove top for 15 minutesand serve. Super easy to make and cleanup. This is my quick go to when school keeps me way too late! Sorry to hear about Beckum.

Michele said...

Get to know your crock pot! It's my best friend during the school year. My guys like pork tenderloin, pork chops or pot roast (take your pick) cooked with a can of golden mushroom soup and a packet of dry onion soup mix. Easy and tasty! Don't even get me started on Target. It's my "happy place"! I don't know if I've ever left with just one thing.

Vanessa Levin said...

Sorry to hear about your son :( Here is a post I wrote last week about balancing school/home life and cooking crock-pot meals:

good luck!

KateB said...

Abby! I walk out of Target with a modge podge every time I am there. You are not the only one.

I have a food website with recipes on it. I usually don't do more than 5 ingredients and they are all really easy. Check it out

My personal favorite is the turkey meatloaf!

According to Ashley said...

What an awkward name for a virus. Poor baby! Also I've decided that I can never "run in Target real quick" because I come out at least $40 poorer every time. I also can never "run in Wal-Mart real quick" because no matter what time it is, there are only about 4 check-out lines open and it takes FOR.E.VER to buy one thing. Sigh. Love the shoes you bought!! Oh, and I'm the queen of quick & easy meals. Eventually I'm going to start posting recipes on my blog, but here's an easy crockpot one to get you going:

Beef Stroganoff: Place 2 lb. of "stew beef" into crock pot. Add salt & pepper. Pour 2 cans cream & celery and 2 cans cream of mushroom on top of the meat. (Looks totally disgusting at this point). Pour 1 packet of Lipton Onion Soup Mix on top. Cook on low for 8 hours & serve over egg noodles. Absolutely delicious.

I'm also a big fan of just marinating chicken breasts in the fridge all day (BBQ sauce, Teriyaki sauce, "Steak and Chop" marinade, etc) and then baking them in the oven on 350 or 375 for 30-45 mins. We usually have Uncle Ben's brown rice (in a bag - steam for 90 secs in microwave) and green beans or limas or something as sides. Very easy.

Megan said...

So- hearing the scientific name for HF&M cracks me up every time. Because, let's face it. It sound like something that only porn stars should get. Hope your little man is feeling better in no time!

As for meals- make your crockpot your best friend. You can prepare everything the night before, throw it in the fridge and put it on before you leave for school. That way you can also eliminate that 4:30 freak out every afternoon and have more time to spend with your boys! One of my favorite blogs did a post a while back asking readers for crock pot ideas and there are some great recipes in the comments section. They are all super easy-

The Lutz Family said...

I hope your little guys gets better soon!! I hear ya on the Target thing. If I actually manage to get out of the house alone I can't help but run up and down every aisle before I leave since I don't have someone screaming at me in the cart :)

1. Cook and drain Egg Noodles
2. Brown Hamburger
3. After those two things are done dump the hamburger into the egg noodles, add one/two cans of cream of mushroom soup, add a can of corn.

My whole family loves it, it's super easy, and almost tastes better as leftovers so make a huge pot!!!

Jill said...

Become one with the crockpot! :) Some of my fav things to make in it are:

BBQ Chicken--Chicken Breasts, BBQ sauce

Salsa Chicken--Chx Breasts, jar of salsa, serve with either tortilla chips or soft flour tortillas and top like a taco salad

Chicken Tortilla Soup--Chx breasts, 2 cans of chicken broth, 1 can cream of chicken soup, 1 packet of taco seasoning. Serve w/tortilla chips, diced tomatoes, cheese, etc.

Pot Roast--Mix cream of mushroom soup with brown gravy mix to make the gravy. Pour over pot roast, baby carrots, potatoes, and sliced onions and cook in crock pot on low for about 8 hours. This is excellent on a cold winter day.

Shubs said...

shoes are ADORABLE...can we puh-lease see the dress?!?

Erin and Ryan said...

I also just bought those shoes for a wedding! I thought they were super cute and fun!

I heart target :0)

Tharon Sass said...

Stuffed shells -

1 1/2 lbs. hamburger meat - 93% lean
1-8 oz. brick of cream cheese with chives and onion
2 cups shredded Italian Blend of cheeses
26 oz. of any jarred spaghetti sauce. (I added more than this.)
Jumbo pasta shells - a regular size box.

Cook pasta shells about 9-10 min and drain. Rinse in cold water
and lay on waxed paper to cool. Brown the meat and drain well.
Add both kinds of cheese and mix well. Stuff the shells and lay
in a lightly greased casserole dish (about a 2 1/2 qt). Pour the
sauce over the shells and bake at 350 degrees for about 45 min.

I just got to thinking, some chopped pepperoni sprinkled on the
shells as you layer them would be a nice touch. Mushrooms,
too, but my purchased sauce already had them.

I make the whole box, freeze to have for meals later.

Jenny said...

Chicken in the crock pot is our fav! (and super easy)

frozen chicken breasts
1 can cream of mushroom
1 can cream of celery
1/4 cup of water

put everything in the crock pot and cook on low all day! (like, I seriously turn mine one when I leave for school around 630 am and we eat around 600 every night. It's really THAT simple--and good!)