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Friday, January 23, 2009

Let's be honest

I won my first blog award. Did you know there are such things? A reader (please tell me your name!) over at Lovely Chaos nominated me for the Honest Scrap Award. You can read about it over at her blog, so check it out.

Apparently, I have to list 10 honest facts about myself and then pass the award along to other blogs. I'm pretty honest on my blog, so this might be difficult. Well, no, probably not. I like to talk too much.

So, let's see here...10 things...10 things...10 things...

1) I have a strange obsession with horror movies. I love to be scared. My favorite is Silence of the Lambs, which never fails to FREAK. ME. OUT. I think it's because it could really happen. Which is actually very scary. And, no, I would NEVER like to be scared by Buffalo Bill in real life.

2) Um, I don't do laundry on a regular basis and the last time my bed was made was months ago. Are you cringing? We always have clean clothes, they're just on a three-week rotation. And my bed is never seen by ANYONE, so why waste the time? Just my own personal theories.

3) I love to make lists. Sometimes I wish I could blog solely in lists that listed the top ten things running through my mind at the moment. This could prove to be very random.

4) I eat chocolate milk. With a spoon. And now my husband does too. We're weird.

5) I asked B for this one, and he says, "I can't stand the way you load the dishwasher, your car is a friggin' mess, and everytime I come home from work the lid to mailbox is open. And I don't even say anything. I just put it down, day after day..." I think I am sensing a little hostility over the mailbox. I never even knew I did that.

6) I actually kind of like the taste of baby food. Particularly bananas, which most everyone [but me] agrees tastes like complete disgustingness. Squash, though, is horrid.

7) I love YA lit. That would be Young Adult Literature. I actually read the Gossip Girls series before it was on TV (did you know Jenny is actually supposed to be short and brunette?). I have pre-ordered my copy of Perfect Fifths, and am on Megan McCafferty's mailing list. I read Charmed Thirds on my honeymoon. My friends in college made fun of me. And I still don't care.

8) I had my tonsils removed when I was 19, and it was AWFUL. It might even rival childbirth. I was so sick of jello and pudding and popsicles and ice cream that my mom blended macaroni and cheese for me. It was disgusting, but I was craving salt. This surgery does not guarantee that you will be free of strep-throat for the rest of your life either, as evidenced by my illness earlier in the week.

9) I'm not a jewelry person, and was called out by a 6-year-old on it: Mrs. M, is that all the jewelry you have? Well, no, I just like my wedding rings, black hoop earrings, and Baby B necklace. Whatever. You're SIX.

10) I multitask to a fault. If I'm blogging I'm probably simultaneously on at least 2 other websites, watching TV, typing up a lesson plan, maybe nursing, and talking on my phone. That is bad. I need to not do that.

Okay, passing this award onto some fellow bloggers...Rach, Linz, Car, & Linz!


Lovely Chaos said...

Hi Abby.. I am the one who nominated you! My name is Priscilla and my blog is Lovely Chaos. Sorry I didn't tell you before! I hope you enjoyed the award!

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how people have certain little things in common. I too only wear my wedding ring,my mother's ring, my hoop earrings, and I rarely made our bed (what's the point?). You are so funny and I have pointed several of my friends to your blog and they too are addicted to what babbling Abby will blog about daily.Request of more pics of Baby B though, your Uncle Rick loves it when I turn the laptop around and say, "Look".
Love Ya,
Aunt Debbie S.

Sugar and Spice said...

I love Silence of the Lambs too. My dad and I used to watch it together and then just when I was going to sleep that night, he would call my phone and say "Hello Clarice" in his scariest voice. Funny!

Brit said...

Abby I like banana baby food too. Okay and this is probably weirder coming from me since I don't even have a baby yet, but I will admit that in the past I have bought a jar to eat.

Anonymous said...

i hate to be scared..
well lucky you you have your hubby to scare the after demons away :)

The White Family said...

You are totally deserving of this award!!! Everyone is addicted to your blog! All of my friends tell me how much they enjoy reading and how amazingly funny you are. Of course they love the pics of Baby B too! I always look forward to seeing a new post from Abz!

The Ossege Family said...

What is it with guys and mailboxes!!! Randy is the same way, I get reminded all the time when I leave the lid to the mailbox up. Randy says is looks bad...whatever! Isn't the important thing, that I got the mail.

Mommy Webb said...

You are deserving of this award, Abz. I routinely laugh OUT LOUD when I read your posts. Thanks for keeping it real and for being a couple of months ahead of us so you can show me the ropes:).