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Saturday, January 3, 2009


There is nothing to drink in our house tonight except Slimer-green kool-aid. I just can't convince myself to drink another Diet Coke today, especially so late, so I guess it's the artificially colored stuff. Saturdays are like the worst food/drink night in the Babbling household since grocery shopping just isn't a weekend priority anymore. I usually get to it sometime on Sunday after I examine the newest batch of coupons.

Actually, we wouldn't have such a beverage shortage in our house if my husband didn't consume liquid like a dehydrated camel in the Sahara. Seriously, we go through at least THREE gallons of milk a week, two Juicy Juices, and at least 2-3 pitchers of kool-aid. I am not exaggerating either when I tell you that it is all usually gone by WEDNESDAY. Is that normal? I might get a bowl or two of cereal out of the milk, but B pretty much drinks that by himself. It's ridiculous. I've even considered watering down the milk before to make it last longer! Shh, don't tell B! I just can't bring myself to spend a fourth of our grocery budget on milk alone. It's insane.

In other news, I go back to school in less than 36 hours and it's really freaking me out. I worked in my classroom today for a couple of hours and nearly had an anxiety attack just thinking about kids showing up in my room on Monday. There's just so much to do. So many ideas for lessons and interventions swirling around in my mind that I can barely piece together any coherent thoughts concerning curriculum and instruction. You would have thought that two weeks off would have given me just the refresher I needed to attack the second half of the year. Not so much.

It doesn't help that I've been spoiled to spend every day with my Baby B either. This has really made me consider whether or not I want to work next year. I love working part-time, but nothing beats spending everyday, all day with His Royal Cuteness. And goodness he is cute.

Speaking of his His Royal Cuteness, does anyone know where I can get a good noisemaker/white noise machine? All noise travels right up the stairs to Baby B's loft bedroom where he continues to wake up repeatedly when B and I are still awake. Our interim solution is to place our tower fan super close to his bed on high, hoping that its perpetual buzzing will lull and keep him asleep. And, yes, he is still sleeping in his crib. I've kept true to my word.

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Sugar and Spice said...

Hope you had a good first day back at school. Mine was surprisingly good. The kids were pretty well behaved, but I was extremely exhausted by the time I made it home. We head back to the doctor tomorrow morning....hoping for some change!