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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Welcome, Paul.

You. All.

I love Ikea.

I have been there once before, but I was waddling through that giant mecca of inexpensive housewares seven months pregnant with my 1.5-year-old niece in tow and I just didn't really enjoy it all that much.

I went back there today with our little fam, and it was a great time. Baby B was excellent, and Big B wasn't too bad either. Of course, we spent much of our time dreaming of what we would do and should do, but ended up spending $50 mostly on Baby B in the end. I found a big, blue baby tubby to replace the beverage bucket that he was previously bathing in. And, of course, we can't go anywhere where there are stuffed animals and not buy one. Y'all, it's not me. It's my husband. He thinks that if we immerse Baby B into a crib of stuffed animals, he will emerge an animal-lover like he is. So, now we have Paul. He is a Polar Bear to add to the zoo of plush creatures that we already have stocking his toy bins. Leave it to us to go to the store for the decorating connoisseur, and leave with a baby bath, plastic containers, a roll of paper, tall beer glasses (I'm sure they have some fancy, Swedish name), and A POLAR BEAR NAMED PAUL. Seriously.
In other news, Baby B has decided that sleeping the right way in his bed is not quite as comfortable as sleeping, well, sideways. So, I have to go up and put him the right direction after he falls asleep. Gosh, he's cute.

I feel like I've been a very boring blogger lately, but my life has been pretty low-key this past week with me and Baby B being held captive by the snow and all. Maybe things will get more spicy when I return to my kindergarteners after being off school for NINE DAYS straight, lacking in my arsenal of Diet Coke products. (I'm totally out and I forgot to pick up a 12-pack when we hit Kroger tonight. Eek!)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)


Laura said...

Hi Abby! Thanks for saying hi!! Your sweet boy is so precious! It sounds like you're an awesome mom :-) I'm glad we have a way to stay connected!

The White Family said...
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The White Family said...

He is so darn cute! Unfortunately, decorating is put on the back burner when you have a baby. The house just tends to fill up with there stuff and your space slowly disappears! But it is soooo worth it!!!! About the security system, they can monitor it through a land line or a cell phone. The cell phone is about $5 to $8 more on the bill each month.

Anonymous said...

NINE DAYS! What I would give to have nine days off! Do you all have built in days so you don't have to make them up?