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Monday, January 19, 2009

What are the odds?

So, I returned yesterday from a relaxing weekend with the girls to a very well taken care of Baby B and a very tired daddy. We all snuggled up together and took a nice afternoon nap that carried into the early evening. I wasn't feeling that great, and I knew that B could use a couple extra hours of sleep.

Baby B woke up feeling a little warm, so after feeding him I took his temperature only to find out that he had a 103 degree fever. Yikes. I would like to play it off that I was calm, cool, and collected, but I so wasn't. As the reading on the thermometer climbed, so did my emotions. With a shaky voice, I called the pediatrician who advised to rotate motrin and tylenol every three hours and bring him in in the morning. I, of course, let her know that I was a first-time (scared) mom so I could explain the tears on my end.

So I made both of us doctor's appointments this morning.

Baby B has double ear infections.

I have strep throat.


I am never leaving my house without my boys again. Or at least not for a long, long time.

I'll be back to regular, picture-laden posts as soon as everyone is feeling well again.


Jess Kiley said...

Great post! I love your background, and how you just use the letter B. You got style, hope all heals soon.

The Ossege Family said...

What a coincidence, Austin has double ear infections too! I took him to the doctor Thursday.

Brit said...

Feel better Abby! I'll pray for you and Baby B!

Anonymous said...

Aww Abbs....that stinks! Prayers and hugs from me and Chars!