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Monday, January 11, 2010

After the Final Tweet Follow-Up

  1. Jake this is The Bachelor. Not Jersey Shores. Button your shirt.
  2. I think Corrie is precious.
  3. Rozlyn, don't knock lingerie models. I mean, you're going to cheat on Jake with a producer.
  4. I never know what to believe out of Jake's mouth. He's like sugary-hurt-your-teeth-sweet.
  5. There's something about that Christina that I like. I just hope she's not in it to win it as she said last week.
  6. Ashleigh just upped the ante. The bikini was obviously and irresistible ploy. Buh bye, Gia...
  7. Michelle: You are crazy.
  8. A little awkward when Jake picked up the rose in front of all the other girls on the first date. And then he gave it to Rozlyn. Gag.
  9. How about the plane ride with On the Wings Of Love crooning in the background. CHEEZ-EEEE.
  10. B just referenced Michelle to Kathy Bates' character in Misery.
  11. Vienna, waiting your entire life to meet a guy like Jake is a little outlandish when your entire life = 23 years.
  12. Ha. Christina referring to Michelle as Debbie Downer. Classic.
  13. Buh bye, Rozzy. {Sidenote: ABC, please define inappropriate relationship for us. Thanks}
  14. What?! Michelle is a keeper?! For real?! This is totally a ploy by ABC to keep ratings high. Prediction: she goes next week. (Crossing fingers!)
  15. Yay for Tenley and Corrie! My favs are still in :D

Some favorite tweets of the night:

  • @PinkLouLou said: He is a beautiul little douche cracker, I can't figure him out.
  • @PinkLouLou: And can we please talk about Rozlyn's nasty bunponytail?
  • @DuetDiva: Do you like me....check yes or no. (while Elizabeth read her no-kissing note)
  • @Namastebyday: Holy Britney Spears secret, Vienna....
  • @Daveandbrit: Who wears the crazy panties????? I'll give it to Michelle.
  • @Eastcoastnat: Wait he thought Roz was the one... she doesn't strike me as marriage material, is that mean? I mean you can't turn a ho into a housewife
  • @rwsquared: No hot tub scenes - mom and dad are going to be so diappointed (as Roz was exiting)

That was so fun ladies! I though Twitter responded kind of slow, but it was a great format for our real-time banter! If you missed out this week, join us next week for another Bachelor twitterthon. Read this post for more details and be sure to follow me @babblingabby on Twitter. DuetDiva and Brit both have follow-up posts planned too, so check them out :D


Gina said...


That was so much fun.

I can already hardly wait each week for The Bachelor. Now it'll be even harder.

And I made the favorite tweet list! Thanks!

Mommy Webb said...

Not sure how I got left out of the Bachelor twitter trio considering I am all about the Bach, but I did enjoy watching with you tonight, sister. Reminds me of old times in the tv room.

PinkLouLou said...

OMG Abbz I feel so honored! Thanks for the shout outs! I had so much fun tweeting with you lovely ladies last night. Just liek the adpi tv room all over again! <3<3

Jillian said...

Did I do that tweet right?? I couldn't tell??

Janet said...

Stopping by from Gina's blog. This is hilarious! And I totally thought #9 and #11 myself as I watched.