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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dog Drama

This is Leland rocking her UK wear. She's a loyal fan like that.

So I have a dog issue. And I don't know the polite way to solve it. Let me tell you first of all that I HATE and DESPISE dog barking, yipping, yapping, whatever. This includes my own dog. Unless the dog is alerting me to immenent danger, then I think there is absolutely no reason for a dog to exercise its ability to vocalize. A seen and not heard mentality, if you will.

Anyway, our backyard neighbors (whose fence backs right up to ours') have suddenly acquired two of most yippety-yappity Yorkies that ever existed. And I am about one bark shy of buying a BB gun. Because when those dogs come out and start yipping at Leland, she starts barking back. So then I run to the window and knock at her and ocassionally swing open the door and let loose my desires for my dog to SHUT IT. Leland responds by looking at me from across the yard as if I have twelve heads. She quiets temporarily (until I walk away) and then it all starts again. She does not come when I call her. And going outside to drag her inside is not an option because she weighs close to 90lbs. Plus, she thinks it's a big game when I go outside and runs from me.

Now, while I do act immediately when Leland begins the barking charade, said neighbors do not. Their dogs will be outside for fifteen minutes before they're called in. {They are barking right now as a matter of fact. Leland is not.} They also bark unprovoked. Or, you know, if the wind blows.

So what do I do? Solutions, anyone?


The world is hers said...


I've been a lurker until now so this is my first comment on here! I just had to comment because my sister just had an issue with this a few weeks ago so I did some research. There are devices that are silent to humans but high-pitched to dogs that you can activate when they bark to make them stop. Check out the 4th point of this article for a couple options:

The world is hers said...

I'm normally a lurker so this is my first comment on here! My friend just had an issue with this a few weeks ago. Check out number 4 of this article:

You can shut them up without your neighbors even knowing :)

Shannon said...

your little pup is adorable. and it's just an added bonus that she is wearing her UK gear. love. it.

i really hate when dogs bark too. but alas, i have no advice to give because i don't have a pup of my own yet.

would it be too rude to go talk to the neighbors? maybe tell them you have a infant who likes his naps uninterrupted? would that be too rude? i don't know...i guess i'm just confrontational like that :)

Nat said...

I HATE dogs barking more than anything in the entire world also, my parents have two yippy dogs that are awful! (precisely why I don't really want a dog)
My only advice is to get one of those shock collars for Leland and maybe approach your neighbors and tell them you have a baby and their dogs barking makes your dog bark and it's disrupting his nap schedule or something to make them to get the dogs to stop!
Good luck!

Lauren Schmidt said...

THOSE DOGS HAVE TO GO ABBY! I feel the same way.

Lauren Schmidt said...