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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Library is No Longer Just for Books

I need to go the grocery store. While we did make it to the library and to get some more car work done (hellllooooo $74 synthetic oil change), I just couldn't muster up enough energy to sprint through Kroger for gallon of milk or a bag of pretzels. So I am stuck rummaging through the pantry looking for something that will satisfy my sweet-and-salty needs and all I am left with is a jar of peanut butter and a sleeve of saltines.

So, the library. Beckham loves the library. And not because there are shelves upon shelves of children's literature at his disposal. More so because there is ramp within the children's wing that he can ascend and descend over and over and over again. All the while I chase after him, trying to prevent him from succumbing to his 18-month-old akwardness. He is usually busy looking one way (at the computer nooks! wow! at the little boy! wow! at the display window! wow!) and his little body is running the other way. This results in lots of tripping and sometimes falling while I stifle a snicker at how cute he is recovering shamelessly from his spill in front of his peers - all of whom are too consumed by this mix-and-match magnetic animal body parts to so much as glance at my tumbling tot. He just plants his hands in front of him, raises that little tushy in the air, rights himself, and he's ambling off looking for other adventures between the towering shelves.

This is why I do not bother with a gym membership. Because chasing after Beckham is exercise enough. Can I get an amen?

Also, as a sidenote, it completely amazes me at the number of children (some as young as three!) left alone within the confines of the children's wing while their parents are out in the main library. As if the library isn't prone to, you know, child predators or anything.


Have a Terrific Tuesday!


Nicole said...

I have no idea how I stumbled upon your blog the other day but I love it! you are so cute and hilarious and I love reading about another working mom who is trying to juggle it all! I also have a fabulous little 22 month old who keeps me busy and you are BRAVE for taking your little cutie to the library because last time we were there I thought we were going to get thrown out because Avery absolutely doesn't not understand when her mommy says "shhhhh!" :-)

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

So cute! I do agree about the running thing - uses so much energy! I also agree about leaving the children alone. It's like, hello?!? It's not 1950.

Mommy Webb said...

You have inspired me to venture out to the local library - a place I loved so much as a little girl, but grew out of once cheerleading, boys and middle school led my mind astray from books:).