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Monday, January 25, 2010


  • Vienna: I thought she was going tonight, y'all. This is a TV show, and I'm allowed to have favorites and she's just not one of them. Prediction: She will continue to wear excessive eye makeup and maybe they'll finally get her a highlight. {I can say that because, admittedly, I'm a bottle blonde and need an update too.}
  • Love Corrie and Tenley. Prediction: Both make it to parent's weekend.
  • Ali: She wears an exceptional amount of yellow and reminds me of someone that I can't put my finger on. I'm disappointed in her sudden cattiness and obsession with getting Vienna voted out. Which I think is evidence that her heart is not Jake's - because if it was she'd focus more on him and less on Vi. Prediction: she goes next week.
  • Gia: Talks like a baby. Made Jake carry her like a baby in the midst of the cornfield or wherever the heck they were. Prediction: Next week she'll have a bottle and a binky.
  • Jessie, Ashleigh, Kathryn, Ella: It wasn't meant to be. Bon voyage.
  • I would have to go with the rose ceremony as my favorite 40 minutes from the show. They know how to drag it out, don't they? And I really thought Vi was gonna go. Way to go ABC, I was fooled enough to hang on until the very end.

Can't wait for next week! Remember to use the hashtag #ATFT in your tweets and then follow that link to the page where you can see all of us tweeting together. Too fun!


LRA said...

You are too funny with your "predictions" haha!! i totally agree with you on Ali. What a bitch she has become! Not for Jake. I think he likes Tenley the best...we shall see. Although, i don't think she is ready to marry him yet, either. Gia is such a weirdo! I guess you got it when you said she talks like a baby, haha!!

ALM said...

I am completely with you about Ali. I really liked her in the beginning, but she's been what my momma calls a "pot stirrer" lately. ALWAYS in the middle of the drama! I like Tenley too. I think her and Mr. Jake work the best together!

P.S. - Love your blog!

Nicole said...

Had fun with ya'll last night! Love your predictions and I agree with you 100%!!!

Unknown said...

totally agree with everything you said! i don't think gia will win but it was kind of eerie the things she wants: 2 kids then adopt a baby girl from china and a potbelly pig - seriously she stole my life plan!