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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Inspiration bored {pun intended}

There is not much to report this afternoon. As I mentioned earlier, I knew it was going to be an entirely unproductive day. The things I could have done, far outweigh the things I've actually accomplished today; namely, drinking hot chocolate and snuggling under a blanket. I've also done quite a bit of internet browsing in search of inspiration for the living room. It's a giant blank canvas and I just want to attack it with a color and accessories and new furniture.

Except, I have to sell the old furniture first. All of it. All six oversized pieces of it that have always been far to large for our small space. But when you see it amidst the display room floor furniture, you think it will fit perfectly - despite the fact that you measured - and, while it does fit, it sort of overwhelms the place as if it were like too many people crowded into an elevator and someone passed gas and everyone just wants to escape. That's how my furniture feels. It told me.

So I craigslisted it, hoping that someone with an expansive family room will want to adopt it and love on it and not mind the ocassional stray dog hair in the cushions. I've actually thought I sold it twice, and then because I AM HONEST I disclosed that it wasn't in perfect condition - which I think would be obvious because it's on craigslist - but in doing that, I think I scared them away and haven't heard back. Arg. Cross your fingers, say a prayer, and ask the furniture Powers That Be to let someone take this stuff off of our hands in the next two weeks so we can avoid trying to find somewhere to store it all while we refinish the hardwood.

Here are some of the inspiration images I've found...

#2. RoomEnvy.

#3. RoomEnvy.

#4. RoomEnvy.

#5. House To Home.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Know anyone in my area that wants to buy all my furniture?


Gina said...

Love your taste! :)

Nat said...

Ohhh #1, 4, & 5 are my favorites. I have a huge love for white furniture and blue/gray walls. Isn't redecorating so much fun!

Lindsay Alexander Photography said...

Oh dont you love re-decorating. I love ALL Of these pallets. Our home is teeny-tiny too so I feel ya on the space issues.