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Friday, January 9, 2009

Baby B blogs...

It's me, Baby B!

I am rocking out my 1980s cassette tape jammies in the above pic. They are from Target and they are pretty awesome. I will probably never know what a cassette is, but mommy says it reminds her of the days of New Kids on the Block and Amy Grant. I just like their vintage-y feel. You dig me?

After I tried applesauce for the first time (see above - I LOVED it), mommy put me down for my morning nap. When she came to get me up, this is what I looked like...

I somehow managed to kick my way out of the legs of these jammies, while they were still buttoned. Mommy thought this was extremely funny and I tried to explain to her that the cassettes reminded me of my favorite dance moves which I then tried to replicate. Finding it too difficult to bust a move in footed pajamas, I kicked my way out and moonwalked all over the pack-n-play (which I only sleep in for naps, I promise). What's more 1980s than Michael Jackson?

Did you know I got a wagon for Christmas? It is red and I love it.

I sit in here and play with toys while mommy pulls me all over the house. We have a good time walking between the kitchen, the dining room, and the living room - all within about 6 feet of one another. I pretend like I'm famous and wave wildly to my fans (Leland) as we tour the exotic kitchen. Mommy imagines that I will somehow figure out how to rig the wagon to my noble steed (Leland) when I'm about five to pull me around the neighborhood.

Also, my cousin Sophie came over to play recently. Supposedly her life is getting read to turn upside down, whatever that means. Something about a little brother arriving any day.

And, lastly, to Walker, Charlie, Kennedy, Emma, & Baby Kincer - BEWARE OF BABY FOOD. . Why didn't Paisley, Connor, or Austin warn me about this?????


Anonymous said...

What a funny picture! You need to try and capture that on video.

Mommy Webb said...

I am laughing so hard at Beck's face in this picture! Not to mention the cassette tape jammies. That is so early 1990's. Love it.

Anonymous said...

haha! you just made my day!!! :-)