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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We're not camera shy

I noticed that I don't have too many pics of me and Baby B. I took some of us today. Unsuccessfully. I think I look rather horse-ish in the last picture.
If you're an amateur photographer with access to a super great camera and you can make a baby pay attention to you, please be in touch. And, you must be cheap.


Mommy Webb said...

I am with you on that! I hardly ever take pics of the two of us, let alone the three of us. Walker is front and center (and usually alone) in every pic. Oh, and you do not look like a horse or a zebra for that matter:). Also, thanks for your hair advice. And your mom's (who is beautiful btw!).

Jess Kiley said...

Heh, for your first three attempts, you've definitely made progress! I'm always battling with the light around me. I hate using a flash, but the pictures only turn out well when the day's graced me with good balance.

Oh well, that's what I get for loving my basic, untechnical Sonydigital camera.

The Chapmans said...

Hello! I just started following your blog and never really commented. You seem like a very nice person and have an adorable son!! Our son will be one next Friday(can't believe it) and I can relate with the picture taking. Mostly it's just Aidan(my son) or with his daddy Brian. Enjoy these moments where he isn't really roaming around too much. He'll get into everything!!! lol