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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Bachelor Comments #3

  1. Vienna gets the first individual date. Interesting. {I'll just put it out there: she's not my favorite.} I don't think she's intense either - as Jake puts it.
  2. The scene on the bridge before the jump is just killing me. Em.Bar.Assing.
  3. "I have stern questions and you have great answers." - Jake to Vienna. Jake, what exactly is a "stern" question?
  4. Michelle just described the hair pulling that will ensue during her and Jake's first kiss. (Update: NO HAIR PULLING. Only awkwardness. And then she's gone.)
  5. Did y'all pick up on Jake defending Vienna after Corrie impersonated her?
  6. "I think she needs a husband, but I think she needs a therapist first." Guess who that was about? CLASSIC.
  7. Aw, Tenley's story is heartbreaking. And her ex is a jerk if what she said is true.
  8. Michelle just pulled out the baby card. If Jake only knew what we all did. CAH-RAY-ZEE.
  9. And now she's gone. Shooooo. I really think she needs help.
  10. Beep! Beep! Beep! Did you hear Ella's dad-dar going off while she watched Jake with Ethan?
  11. Elizabeth, I liked you, but the crazy teasing is out of control. And annoying.
  12. I missing the drama this week. Just not doing it for me.
  13. Maybe I'm missing Michelle. She at least kept things entertaining.

Overall, a boring night. The pregnant thing with Tenley never surfaced, so it must be in a future episode. Next week looks good!

And now for some favorite tweets:

  • @duetdiva: I think he might poo his pants folks.
  • @namastebyday: Anyone else hear the psycho "eeek eeek eek eek" every time Michelle is onscreen?
  • @daveandbrit: Dave says Vienna looks like she is better suited for "Flavor of Love".
  • @namastebyday: Bwahahahaha, Michelle just said she is not overemotional. Just like Jake is not dorky.
  • @daveandbrit: sending crazy michelle a copy of "He's Just Not that Into You" right now


Unknown said...

ok, i'm on the bandwagon.
i'm really glad that elizabeth is gone, her games were annoying and he totally called her out on them.

michelle is a stark raving lunatic.

ali being the mother hen is slightly aggrivating.

i sort of feel bad for vienna. she's a little on the white trash side but endearing.

tensley is a doll.

do you think katherine always kinda has a deer in headlights look on her face? ps- she looks familiar and i saw she's from lex.

ah, that felt nice to vent haha

Mommy Webb said...

Ahhh...I am dying to go home and watch it, but I must wait until Walker is down for the night.

Gina said...

How many hours till next week? And I am so glad that after it's over, we have The Bachelor Pad. Because I'd already be worrying about what I'd do without that one!

The Denoves said...

I am soooo not a Vienna not sure what he sees in her and I really like Ella or maybe I am just jealous of her accent.