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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Black Eyed B

Becks got his first shiner the other day. Nope, not in a knock-down-drag-out skirmish over a sippy cup, but rather a graceful fall into the corner of the coffee table. He cried a bit and doesn't even know that he has a prominent battle scar under his eye. If you ask him about his boo-boo, he refers to his toe that has the most miniscule scab on it f. Interestingly, he refers to the toe injury whenever someone talks to him on the phone. He holds up his foot, as if the caller can see it, and says Toe? Boo-boo? From this diagram, we can deduce a couple of things. A) I want need professional picture editing software. B) Becks had brownies for breakfast. No need to hate. I don't regularly give my son brownies for breakfast. But he's been running a fever since yesterday morning due to a fierce cold and his appetite is pretty much only for things in the finger-food group. And a brownie totally qualifies. Lunch was a little better, though he wouldn't allow me to wrassle him into his highchair. So I filled several little bowls with foods that I didn't care if they wound up on the floor eventually and had some nutritional value: pretzel rod, Craisins, peanuts, banana slices, with a paci and a sippy of juice thrown in for good measure.

And, your eyes do not decieve you. That is a pink pacifier. I do not recommend Walgreens for your pacifier shopping on Christmas Eve. Apparently, everyone needs a spare on December 24th. It was the only one remaining. However, we think the boyish black eye totally compensates for the pink paci.

Anyway, during Snow Day #2 we did a whole lot of staying in our jammies. Only after his bath tonight did Becks change out of one pair of jammies and into another. {Does anyone else have to change their child into clean jammies every night or is that just me?}

Oh, we also played in the snow. Indoors. Per suggestion from Kelly. Initially, I let him stick his hands in the accumulation on our front porch. But then when I closed the door a meltdown ensued. And I'm not talking about the snow.

So, I took Kelly's suggestion and filled a big Rubbermaid container with several scoops of snow and let him play with it on top of his new table. {Aside: if you're in the market for a cute kids table, I cannot recommend the IKEA L√ĄTT enough. It's only $24.99 for the table and two chairs, easily assembled, and lightweight for easy portability. This is not a paid blog post, btw, I just love this product!}

Looks like tomorrow will be another jammies day, as school is already closed. Oh, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter @babblingabby so you can enjoy After the Final Tweet on Monday! Stay warm!


Jennifer said...

I change Austin into clean jammies every night no matter what! We have had many a day here lately where we went from one set of jammies to another b/c we never even left the house! BTW, totally jealous of all your snow. They have been predicting some for upstate SC all week but I've yet to see a flake!

Jenilee said...

oh, we did the running in for a pacifier trip many times! pink ones still work! :)

Lea Liz said...

I love that you give ihm brownies for breakfast.. Brody has had a cookie a few times! Sorry for his black eye but you can't even see it!

Wjat a great idea with the snow I may have to do that for Brody tomorrow.. I let him walk outside in it and he got so mad when I brought him back in.. I may just have to take him out tomorrow!

I don't have twitter.. but I'm thinking about getting it.. what are the pros and cons? lol talk me into this!

Northern Mama from the South said...

Clean PJ's is a must. Even if our son has a PJ day at preschool I put him in clean ones. But I completely agree with staying in them for long periods of time. I like to consider it getting my money's worth.

Brit said...

I hate to see Baby B crying....but gosh, he is so darn cute... even with a black eye. I love the diagram. Ummm... I'm SOOOOO doing the snow thing tomorrow and I LOVE the table from IKEA. WE are in desperate need of one but I don't wanna fork out the dinero. Can't believe it's only 24 bucks! WOW!

YAY for another snow day!

Gina said...

We did the indoor snow thing last year, and I was thinking last night that we needed to do that again today. I think we just might.

Props to your husband for allowing the pink paci. My husband would literally have driven to seven more Walgreens to find a non-pink one. Grrr.